Top 7 Ways to Burn MP4 to DVD on Mac (OS Ventura Included)

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Though that DVD burning (e.g. burn MP4 to DVD on Mac) gradually becomes outdated, it’s still a necessary function for certain people.

If you just need to save some space on your Mac, you can put the MP4 video into a folder > right-click it > choose the option to burn your folder to disk. However, the built-in "Burn to Disc" feature will result in a data disc (no standard-confirm video-DVD), which will play on Mac but not in a DVD or Blu-Ray player.

To burn MP4 to playable DVD on Mac, you should convert MP4 to DVD (the QuickTime video format for Mac) at first and then burn DVD with iDVD, iMovie or other similar applications.

But iDVD has stopped developed since Mac Lion, and as for iMovie, you must take time to learn how to use this complicated application. Luckily, this is not the end to create DVD from MP4 on macOS Ventura, Catalina, (High) Sierra, El Capitan, etc. Below, I will show you how to burn MP4 to DVD on Mac, with all the things you desire to know provided.


Benefits to Burn MP4 to DVD on Mac

1. Burn the MP4 files to DVD discs as a holiday gift.

2. DVDs are easier to store than digital file, so you won't have to worry the computer crash or disk damage.

3. Most digital files especially videos recorded by camcorder are very large, and require big memory. Burning MP4 to DVD Mac will greatly reduce the burden of your hard drive.

4. DVD is a very good way to send and preserve your favorite video clips forever.

Burn MP4 to DVD with the Best DVD Authoring Software for Mac

We have taken a look at a range of different MP4 to DVD burners for Mac, along with those bundled with your machine already. Some of them are thine in their simplicity, others stand out with a huge feature set.

When hunting for the best software to burn MP4 to DVD Mac, it's important to find one that’s reliable and able to retain the quality of the original video. To offer an all-in-one solution, we’d suggest you to use iFunia DVD Creator for the entire MP4 to DVD Mac process, attributing to its powerful features:

  • Super-fast DVD burning speed
  • Burn any types of videos to DVD smoothly and without losing quality
  • Edit and personalize videos by trimming, cropping, rotating, adding watermark, subtitle, etc.
  • Offer a built-in media player to play the added videos
  • Come with a variety of DVD menu templates, which comes in handy if you're creating DVDs as a holiday gift
  • Allow allow you to customize a unique DVD by changing background image, music, title/ menu button, text font/size/color, etc.
  • Design with a preview feature to see the final appearance in real time before burning and adjust the unsatisfactory settings
  • Enable people choose to burn NTSC or PAL DVD
  • Can burn videos to DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO
  • Offer 5 different playback modes for people to choose
  • Highly compatible with macOS and Windows

How to Burn MP4 to DVD on Mac with the Best DVD Burner:

Step 1. Install the software on Mac

1) Download iFunia DVD Creator and install it.

Free Download macOS 10.11 or later

2) Insert a blank and writable DVD disc to the DVD drive. (If your Mac doesn't have a DVD drive, connect an USB DVD drive to the Mac)

Step 2. Load multiple MP4 files

1) Launch the software, and stay at the default interface for adding source for burning.

2) Drag and drop your MP4 files to it. This MP4 to DVD burner supports burning video files in batch, so you can add videos as many files as you need.

Step 3. Edit the MP4 videos and choose a menu if necessary

1) Click the edit-icon icon, and go to edit your MP4 videos by trimming, cropping, rotating or adding sorts of effects.

2) Click "Menu" tab on the top to switch to another interface for creating DVD menus. On there, choose a menu template that is suitable for your DVD, and you can also create a special DVD menu as you need. Or, you can click "No Menu".

menu edit

Step 4. Preview your project

Click the "Preview" tab to the top to check if the content meets your needs. Otherwise, you can go back to resetting the related places.

dvd creator preview

Step 5. Create DVD from MP4 Mac

1) Click the "Burn" tab > select the output format from DVD Disc, DVD Folder, and ISO File > adjust the DVD settings.

2) Click "Burn" button to start the MP4 to DVD burning process. The amount of time depends on computer hardware and the size of the MP4 videos.

dvd creator burn

Once it finished, you will have a DVD, which you can use for gift sending or playing on your home DVD player.

Read More: How to Burn MP4 to DVD on Windows 10/11


6 Alternative Methods to Burn MP4 to DVD on Mac

Method 1. iMovie

Developed by Apple Inc., iMovie is a video editing software app available for Mac and iOS devices. In addition to using iMovie to edit your videos, you can also use it to burn videos in MP4 or any other supported format to DVD.

Burn iMovie to DVD using iDVD:

1. Import your MP4 video to iMovie.

2. Click the Share button.

3. Launch the iDVD software.

4. Insert a black DVD into your Mac.

5. Finally click the Burn button.

During the process, you can also edit your MP4 video and choose a DVD theme that you like.

Burn iMovie to DVD with iTunes:

If iDVD is not available on your Mac

1. Add an MP4 file to iMovie and edit it.

2. Click the Share button and export it to iTunes.

3. Insert a blank DVD, and a message will pop up.

4. Choose the action "Open iTunes", follow the instruction and start the process to burn MP4 to DVD Mac effortlessly.

burn mp4 to dvd imovie


  1. Allows users to edit the video before burning it
  2. iMovie app was free for all Mac computers since 2003
  3. Work smoothly and efficiently, just like other Mac apps


  1. On Mac where iDVD is no longer offered, users have to choose the second option mentioned above. In this case, DVD theme and other features are not available.

Method 2. iDVD

You can use iDVD to burn movies, videos, music as well as photos to DVD and to create DVD menus. It only takes a few steps.

1. Launch the app.

2. Select a menu theme, which you can customize by adding music and pictures.

3. Drag and drop the MP4 video that you want to burn into the app. Of course, you shouldn't forget the essential part of inserting a blank DVD into your computer.

4. Simply click the Burn button to convert MP4 to DVD on Mac for free, and just wait for the process to finish.


Please note that from Mac OS X 10.7 Lion onward iDVD is no longer pre-installed.


  1. Easy to use with helpful instructions
  2. Burn MP4 to DVD Mac with decent quality
  3. Come with various DVD themes that can be customized


  1. Was discontinued a long time ago

Method 3. Burn

Burn software for Mac can burn videos, songs as well as data to DVD. While coming with limited features and a rather simple user interface, the app is easy to use with decent performance. You can use the app to convert MP4 to DVD on Mac or recreate previously created DVD.

1. Get the software from, and open the software.

2. Choose the "Video" tab. (There are 4 tabs: Data, Audio, Video, Copy.)

3. Drag your MP4 video file to the main interface. Or click the "+" button in the bottom left corner to navigate the file.

4. Choose the output as "DVD-Video".

5. Plug in a DVD disc and begin to burn MP4 to DVD on Mac right now.



  1. Lightweight with small file size
  2. Delightfully straightforward user interface


  1. Support limited file formats and features
  2. Crash occasionally

Method 4. Disco

Disco is another compact and easy-to-operate app to convert MP4 to DVD on Mac. It features a user-friendly interface, allowing you to find each function quickly. For convenience's sake, Disco offers a feature that enables you to search file name and DVD name within an archive of previously burned DVDs.

1. Drop the MP4 file to the app.

2. Insert a disc.

3. Click the "Burn" button. (Note: leaving will remove custom disc layout.)


When creating DVD from MP4, the software emits virtual "smoke", and reacts to you blowing into the microphone.


  1. Very simple to use
  2. Work fast when used to burn MP4 to DVD on Mac
  3. Allow users to search burned DVDs by name


  1. No update or support available since it’s been officially discontinued

Method 5. Roxio Toast

If you want to burn family videos, holiday videos, wedding videos, etc. to home DVDs, Roxio Toast is a good choice. Just like some apps listed above, in addition to videos in MP4 or other formats, it can also burn photos and data to DVD. One great feature is that it supports burning HD DVDs. It also offers fancy DVD menus to create a good burning experience.

1. Drag the video (or drag from the Media Browser window) you would like to burn into the specified area.

2. Choose the project type - "DVD-Video".

3. Customize the “Option” panel: select the menu style and quality. There is a "Best" option which, if chosen, the app will automatically create DVD with the highest quality possible.

4. Grab a blank disk and burn video into it.



  1. Versatile with powerful performance, allowing users to burn MP4 to DVD Mac like a pro
  2. Supports burning HD DVDs
  3. Various customization options


  1. New users may feel overwhelmed by some features

Method 6. Express Burn

Express Burn, a paid program, supports to burn files to CD, DVD, Blu-ray on Mac and Windows. It contains a series of menu templates and buttons for DVD authoring.

1. Run the software, and it will pop up the screen for you to choose disc type, just choose "Video DVD".

2. Add your MP4 video into the program.

3. Make sure you have your blank DVD-R or DVD-RW inserted.

4. Start the burning process.


  1. The Pro version is good at burning CD and Blu-ray discs, which other general MP4 to DVD burners can't do.
  2. Fully compatible with both Mac and Windows


  1. Unable to burn commercial DVDs
  2. The free version can only burn CDs

Extended: Copy a DVD VS Burn a DVD, What's the Difference?

As the name implies, "copying DVD" means copy the contents of a DVD. You should use a third-party tool to remove the copying protections (CSS, UOP, RC, APS, Cinavia) and make a copy of the DVD on a brand new disc. But you can’t distribute copyrighted DVDs or use them for business purpose.

"Burning DVD", a colloquial term, refers to the process of writing content to a video DVD or a data DVD. To make DVD video playable on DVD player, we have to burn MP4 to video DVD on Mac.

Final Words

Above are the methods to convert MP4 to DVD Mac by using different software tools. Which one do you think is the best to use? It you haven't decided yet, it is highly recommended use iFunia DVD Creator. As you can see, it is a really powerful and professional DVD burning software for Mac and Windows, allowing you to burn DVDs in high quality with a wealth of features.

Cheryl Bennett
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Cheryl has been writing tutorials, reviews, and how-to articles on consumer apps since 2016. She specializes in multimedia products and is always testing on Mac, PC, and various devices.

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