iFunia Video Editor

Create Engaging Videos
in Minutes for Beginners

Trim/crop/rotate videos, giving you full creative control.

Apply color correction, color grading, or filters for a professional finish.

Watermark videos to protect them from unauthorized use.

Add subtitles that are easy to follow and sync with the audio.

Adjust the volume levels to achieve a well-balanced sound.

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MacOS 10.11 or later

Windows 11/10/8/7

30-day money back guarantee

MacOS 10.11 or later

Windows 11/10/8/7

30-day money back guarantee

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Basic Video Editing, Get Started Easily

Maximize your video potential with trimming, cropping, and rotating. Make it look more concise, streamlined, and oriented.

  • Trim Video

    Trim video at the beginning, end, or both. Help remove unwanted intro, outro, ads, empty space, etc. or shorten the video length for posting on social media platforms.
  • Crop Video

    Cut out part of your video's image. Help eliminate unnecessary elements like watermarks, black bars, etc. Also adjust the aspect ratio to 16:9, 4:3, or any to fit YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, different devices, and more.
  • Rotate Video

    Rotate video 90, 180, 270 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. Flip the video vertically and horizontally. Help correct orientation or create a better visual effect.

Adjust Colors Manually or
Apply Built-in Effects Directly

The video editor delivers color correction, color grading, and 10 carefully selected filters. Restore and enhance your video's appearance. Instantly take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Text and Image Overlay, Make
a Storytelling Video

Safeguard your copyright and origin. Better convey your message.

Add Watermark to Video

  • youtube_va Insert a text watermark. Specify its font, size, color, and position.
  • youtube_va Import an image watermark. Drag the edges to resize and place it wherever you like.
  • youtube_va Modify the transparency of the text or image watermark as desired.

Add Subtitle to Video

  • youtube_va Apply embedded subtitles that are encoded within the video. Burn them into your video permanently, which can't be turned off and removed.
  • youtube_va Upload external SRT, ASS, SSA subtitles and display them at the bottom.

Simple Audio Editor, Boost or Lower the Sound in the Video

Give your video a smoother, more enjoyable listening experience.

  • youtube_va

    Change the audio volume across the entire track. To increase the volume, drag the slider right. To decrease the volume, drag it left.

  • youtube_va

    Change the audio volume partially. Choose the duration of the fade in and fade out from 1S to 3S. Smoothly transition into or out of the audio.

Preview, Export, and Share

Export video content with a single click. Share here, there, and everywhere.

Preview the video editing results in real-time, enabling you to better control and optimize the video. Once your edit is complete and you are satisfied with it, export the video as MP4. Now, let the world know your story by publishing it on any social media.

Additional Benefits of Using iFunia Video Editor

  • youtube_va

    Support Any Input Video

    Edit video in any format and resolution. Even 8K videos can be edited.
  • youtube_va

    1-click to Reset

    Reset video parameters or erroneous operations to their initial state.
  • youtube_va

    Fast Rendering Speed

    Quickly export video by using GPU acceleration and efficient video encoding standards.
  • youtube_va

    No Learning Curve

    Offer an intuitive interface and easy-to-use workflow. Beginner-friendly.
  • youtube_va

    Keep High Quality

    Your video will retain its original quality after editing and exporting.
  • youtube_va


    Require a lower usage of system resources than other video editing software.

iFunia Video Editor

Edit your video today. Editing skills are no longer required