Top 7 DVD Copy Software for Lossless DVD Cloning

Cheryl Bennett
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DVD discs can easily get scratched or damaged, which can affect the data stored on them. If you need to backup your DVD collection for better storage or sharing, a functional DVD copy software is a worthy investment. It can duplicate a DVD disc bit by bit without any compression, whether for DVD movies or homemade discs.

This article will cover the top 7 best DVD copy software for Windows and Mac, as well as the pros and cons regarding their features, stability, UI design, etc. With our latest reviews, you are sure to copy your DVDs easily and without any quality loss!


Why Free DVD Copy Software are Not Recommended Here

Have you ever downloaded a "free" DVD copy software recommended online, only to find out that the copy function still requires payment or is a trial version with various limitations? Although there are a lot of articles about free DVD copy, the fact is that there is simply no DVD copier software that is completely free and functional. Here are the main reasons with examples:

1. Unable to copy protected DVDs. Most of the freeware, such as AVS Disc Creator and Freemake DVD Copy, can’t bypass DVD protection and may even cause damage to the DVD.  

2. Watermarking. Some free DVD copier may add a watermark or logo to the video when copying DVD. Freemake, for example, adds its logo to the video and requires you to pay to remove the branding.

3. Free version comes with more to pay. For example, BurnAware Free can burn a DVD but still charge for DVD copying and other features.

4. Poor Compatibility. Some free DVD copy tools are just old and not compatible with most operating systems today, such as DVD Shrink. It was last updated in 2004.

Given the above reasons, this article will recommend you some of the best consumer DVD copy software that really works. Read on to learn more, or jump right to our comparison chart to make your choice.  

List of 7 Best DVD Copy Software for Windows/Mac 2023

1. iFunia DVD Copy

OS Support: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7(64 bit); macOS 10.13 or later

Price: $19.99/month; $49.99/lifetime license

iFunia DVD Copy is one of the best DVD copy software at the top of our list, highly recommended for both Windows and Mac users. It allows you to copy your DVD movie or homemade disc to another blank disc with just one click. You can also backup the DVD to VIDEO_TS folder or ISO image files for later burning.

For your DVD movie, it can copy protected DVDs with region code, CSS, Disney-X and other encryption methods. It's well optimized and able to copy DVD with accelerated processing speed, fast and stable.

It's a DVD program designed exclusively for 1:1 DVD copying, a great option for anyone who wants to copy DVDs quickly and easily.

ifunia dvd copy interface


  1. One-click DVD to DVD copy
  2. Backup DVD to folders or ISO files
  3. Bypass all kinds of DVD protection
  4. Fast copying with lossless quality
  5. Easy to use with a straightforward user interface


  1. No compression function due to 1:1 copy of the DVD

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.11 or later  

2. DVD-Cloner

OS Support: Windows 11/10/7/Vista; macOS 10.10 or later

Price: $299.99/lifetime license, half-price discount sometimes

DVD-Cloner 2023 is a powerful DVD cloning software that supports a wide range of DVDs, including Blu-ray/UHD DVD movies. It can copy a DVD-9 to DVD-9 or compress to a standard DVD-5 disc. Except for DVD copying, it also has a similar function to MakeMKV, ripping DVD to MKV format.

It provides a one-click DVD copy mode with a simple and dazzling interface. Alternatively, you can find more DVD copy modes from the hidden Setup to customize your DVD copying, such as splitting DVD or combining two DVDs to one.  

Despite the high price for lifetime license, it’s a versatile and reliable DVD copy software for copying all kinds of DVD movies.  

*Mac users may download DVD-Cloner 2022 for Mac 

dvd cloner 2023 interface


  1. Copy Blu-ray DVDs
  2. Remove various DVD copy protections
  3. Rip DVD to MKV format
  4. Merge two DVDs into one


  1. Complex settings under a simple interface
  2. Hard to copy DVD to ISO image files
  3. A bit expensive

3. WinX DVD Copy Pro

OS Support: Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista

Price: $42.95/ lifetime license

WinX DVD Copy Pro is a popular DVD copier for Windows PC. Similar to iFunia, it can backup DVD in 1:1 ratio, including DVD to DVD, DVD to TS folder or ISO image files. It can also copy DVD to MPEG2 file, and extract video or audio.

Not only does it copy new DVDs, it also supports old and damaged DVDs. Although there is no Mac version, it supports both new and old Windows systems, making it a good option for PC users.

winX dvd copy pro interface


  1. Multiple DVD copy modes, including DVD to MPEG2, video/audio only
  2. Support encrypted and damaged DVDs
  3. Affordable price


  1. No compression mode to copy DVD-9 to DVD-5
  2. Outdated user interface
  3. Only for Windows

4. Wondershare DVD creator

OS Support: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP; macOS 10.10 or later

Price: $55.95/lifetime license

Wondershare DVD Creator is a comprehensive DVD toolkit to create DVD, burn video to DVD, and copy DVD disc. It allows you to copy DVD to DVD or data disc. In addition, you can choose different copying mode, change aspect ratio to customize your DVD copying.

Since the DVD copy function is only one of its DVD tools and requires an extra download, it's a bit complex to navigate. Still, it can be a good option for users who also need to burn video to DVD.  

wondershare dvd copy interface


  1. Copy DVD to DVD, DVD to Folder and ISO files
  2. A full-featured DVD toolkit


  1. In-app downloads
  2. Free trial adds a watermark
  3. Overwhelming for users who only require DVD copy feature

5. Magic DVD Copier

OS Support: windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Price: $49.95/lifetime license

Magic DVD coiper is another best DVD copy software for Windows. It allows users to copy DVD movie to a blank disc in lossless quality, or save as ISO files. You can copy full disc, main movies or select DVD titles as you like. This DVD copier software allows you to compress a DVD-9 to a DVD-5, or split it into two 4.7 GB DVDs.  

It's also able to remove DVD protections such as CSS, Sony and Region codes, but may unable to handle some new DVDs since it was last updated in 2019.

magic copier interface


  1. Copy main movie or specific titles
  2. Able to compress a DVD-9 to standard DVD-5
  3. Easy to use with a simple one-click DVD copy mode


  1. Slower update rate
  2. Compression may cause significant loss of quality  
  3. Windows-only and not compatible with Windows 11

6. DVDFab DVD Copy

OS Support: Windows 11/10/8/7; macOS 10.10 or later

Price: $84.99/lifetime license

DVDFab DVD Copy allows users to copy DVD in a lossless quality to another black DVD disc, or compress to a DVD-5 to save more space. It offers multiple DVD copy modes such as Main Movie, Full Disc, Merge, Split to satisfy different needs.  

it's also worth mentioning that this DVD copy software is equipped with a Cloud Decryption Service to decrypt the new encrypted commercial DVDs, including Cinavia protections.    

dvdfab dvd copy interface


  1. Multiple DVD cloning modes  
  2. Remove DVD copy protections, including Cinavia audio watermarking


  1. Copy software bundled with the DVD all-in-one suite
  2. A bit complicated interface

​7. BurnAware

OS Support: Windows 11/10/8/7

Price: $29.95 for Premium version with 1 year of free update; $39.95 for Professional version with 1 year of free updates

* Pay an additional $60 each for lifetime updates

BurnAware offers 3 editions which are Free, Premium and Professional. Though BurnAware Free has earned reputation for its free DVD burning feature, more tools such as disc to disc DVD copy, audio extraction and 64-bit version are available only for paid editions. You can make ISO image for free, but still need to upgrade to Premium to copy DVD directly to another disc.

BurnAware Professional edition can burn ISO files to multiple discs simultaneously, and allows usage in organizations and commercial purposes. It can be a good option if you need to copy unprotected DVD and burn it to multiple discs.  

burnaware premium interface


  1. A DVD copy and burn software
  2. Able to handle CD, Blu-ray disc and M-Disc
  3. Frequent updates


  1. Unable to copy to DVD folder
  2. A bit expensive for lifetime upgrades
  3. Unable to bypass DVD protections

Comparison Chart of the Best DVD Copy Software

  iFunia DVD Copy DVD-Cloner WinX DVD Copy Pro

Wondershare DVD Creator

Magic DVD Copier DVDFab DVD Copy

BurnAware (Premium & Professional)

Platform Windows/Mac Windows/Mac Windows Windows/Mac Windows Windows/Mac Windows
Lifetime price




$55.95 $49.95 $84.99

$29.95/$39.95 (+$60 for lifetime upgrades)

DVD copying speed Excellent Excellent Great Great




Copy protected DVDs


Copy to folder


× ×
Copy to ISO image


Simple & Clean UI

(a bit outdated)

× ×

Final Verdict

No matter you want to copy DVD movie, sports DVD, TV series DVD or homemade DVD discs, you can easily get the job done with the top DVD copy software recommended above.

Specifically, if you just need a simple DVD copier to duplicate DVDs in 1:1 quality, we recommend iFunia DVD Copy for both Windows and Mac users, and BurnAware for burning and copying unprotected DVDs. If you need some additional features such as compression, splitting and merging, DVD-Cloner can be helpful. Also, Wondershare DVD Creator and DVDFab both work best with its all-in-one DVD suite.

Download the best DVD copy software and try it for free now. Make your money worth it!

FAQs about DVD Copying

1. Can DVD suffer generation loss if copied?

Normally, no. The best DVD copy software will make an exact backup of the DVD content, bit by bit, without compression. So it won't cause any quality loss if the DVD is successfully copied without any error. In addition, generation loss is still possible when the DVD is ripped and converted/transcoded to other formats such as MP4.   

2. Can I copy DVD using HandBrake?

The answer is no. HandBrake is an open source video transcoder that allows you to rip a DVD and convert it to MP4, MKV and WebM, but it can't let you copy a DVD directly to a DVD disc, nor copy to DVD folder or ISO image for later burning. So we still recommend you to clone DVD using professional DVD copy software recommended above.

3. What is the best free software for copying protected DVDs?

We recommend the best DVD copy software such as iFunia, DVD-Cloner and WinX DVD Copy Pro to copy protected DVDs. As highlighted above, there is no totally free software to make an exact copy of a protected DVD, let alone some DVDs with new encryption technologies.

4. Can I damage a copy-protected DVD by making a copy it on my computer?

No. You won't damage your copy-protected DVD by reading or copying it on your computer. Also, because the DVD is copy-protected, you can't directly copy it unless you use a professional DVD copy software that can bypass copy protections.       

Cheryl Bennett
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Cheryl has been writing tutorials, reviews, and how-to articles on consumer apps since 2016. She specializes in multimedia products and is always testing on Mac, PC, and various devices.

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