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Top 6 ClipConverter Alternatives: Even Better than ClipConverter

Written by Elena on April 18, 2018

Last updated: April 02, 2020| 4 minutes to read

“Please suggest me any good online YouTube grabber like clipconverter as it says clipconverter is not available for this video and it is not available for music when trying for any MV.” – From a ClipConverter user

Looking for a great ClipConverter alternative? This article provides a list of ClipConverter alternatives for you to consider. ClipConverter or Clip Converter is a popular choice when it comes to YouTube video conversion and download. This online service is easy and convenient to use. However, it does have its share of disadvantages such as no support for videos containing music. You can use an alternative when ClipConverter doesn’t help.

What is ClipConverter? And why you may need an alternative

clipconverter interface

ClipConverter is a free web-based service that can be used to convert and download videos and audios from the platforms it supports. It supports many popular video sharing and social networking websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The service offers up to 8 output formats including MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3, M4A and AAC. Its website https://www.clipconverter.cc/ is available in 21 languages including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, just to name a few.


  • Ease to use
  • Available in 21 languages
  • Support various output formats
  • Can save 720p, 1080p and even 4K videos from supported websites
  • Support many popular websites like YouTube and Facebook


  • Can’t download videos containing music
  • Present unwanted, potentially malicious advertising

ClipConverter is useful. But it’s far from perfect - otherwise I wouldn’t recommend ClipConverter alternatives.

One big downside is that it doesn’t support videos that contain music. If you are trying to use it to convert and save such a video, you will get a message saying ClipConverter is not available for videos containing music. There may also be security issues. When you use ClipConverter, you will be presented with things like fake virus warnings and pop-up ads inviting you to download suspicious software. Also, some useful features are missing, which is not necessarily a disadvantage.

clipconverter is not available for videos containing music

You may need a ClipConverter alternative if you:

  • need to download Youtube videos containing music like music videos.
  • look for a safe download experience.
  • want to batch download videos and audios.
  • want to download entire YouTube playlist with one click.
  • find ClipConverter is not working.

The best desktop alternatives to ClipConverter

Alternative to Clip Converter for Mac

If you use Mac and are looking for software similar to ClipConverter, iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac is the best choice. With powerful performance, safe fast download and useful features, this app is considered the best of its kind.

  • Support 1000+ websites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram and more
  • Download 720p, HD 1080p, 2K, Ultra HD 4K and even 8K videos
  • Download a whole YouTube playlist with 1 click
  • Batch download multiple videos and playlists
  • Offer multiple output formats such as MP4, WebM and MP3
  • Directly convert YouTube videos to MP3
  • Allow you to choose output video quality and format
  • Provide high speed
  • Easy to use with simple interface

Below is how to use this ClipConverter alternative to save videos to your device.

Step 1. Download and install iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac. Launch it.

Step 2. Copy a video URL from any supported website. Return to the app. It will automatically paste the copied URL from your clipboard. Now hit the Return/Enter key, or click the add icon.

add video URL

To download a playlist, just copy and paste the playlist URL instead.

Step 3. From the Format dropdown list, select your desired format and video quality, say, MP4 - 1920 × 1080. Click the download icon.

select output format

It’s that easy. Unlike with ClipConverter, the whole process is secure and quick.

Alternative to Clip Converter for Window

Coming with an easy-to-understand interface with all its features displayed on it, aTube Catcher can help you save videos from websites with ease. When you install it on your PC, be aware of the adware in the installer. Unlike the experience with ClipConverter, which has unavoidable pop ups or ads, you can easily avoid the unwanted adware by deselecting it during the installation. Despite this, the app is great. It does a good job of what it claims. Below are its main features.

  • Convert YouTube videos to popular formats
  • Support major video sharing websites
  • Also work as an audio recorder
  • Can burn file to DVD or CD
  • Available in 11 languages including English

atube catcher interface

Step 1. Install this ClipConverter alternative. Open it.

Step 2. Under the first (Downloader) tab, manually paste a video URL in the URL del Video field.

Step 3. From the Output profile list, select the option that meets your need.

Step 4. Click the Download button. The process will start immediately.

The best clipconverter.cc alternative online

This part will recommends alternative sites to clipconverter.cc. Compared to desktop software, online tools have one big advantage. Users don’t have to install any software. Such online services also have some common disadvantages such as low video quality, low speed, limited output format options, limited supported sites and no support for batch operation.

ClipConverter alternative online #1 SaveTheVideo

The online site https://www.savethevideo.com/ has a simple design. Just like ClipConverter, it's available in various languages. On its Supported Sites page, you can find a full list of all the platforms it has support for. It allows users to download an entire video or part of it, which offers flexibility.

  • Quite a few supported websites
  • Multiple output formats including MP4, MP3, OGG and more
  • The option to save only a part of a video
  • Good user experience without pop-ups

clipconverter alternative savethevideo

ClipConverter alternative online #2 Catch.Tube

There are still some other free choices if you are looking for a website similar to clipconverter.cc. And https://catch.tube/ is one of them. You only need to paste a URL and click the Catch Video button. It’s much the same process as you would do on ClipConverter. As the service becomes more and more popular, they are adding support for more websites.

  • Easy to use
  • Support a wide variety of sources like Facebook, Vimeo and Tumblr
  • Provide different output types like MP4, WebM and M4A
  • Clean without pop ups or ads

catch.tube is similar to clipconverter.cc

ClipConverter alternative online #3 KeepVid.Pro

With a decent performance and user-friendly experience, https://keepvid.pro/ makes its way to the list. It lets users free download videos from lots of places like YouTube, Vimeo, BBC and Dailymotion. It provides a 3-step instruction in case users have no idea how to use it.

  • Easy to use with user-friendly design
  • Provide multiple formats available for download
  • Work with a number of websites
  • Offer instructions on how to use the service

alternative site to clipconverter.cc

The best alternative to ClipConverter extension

As you may have already known, ClipConverter is also available as browser extension or add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But unlike what you can do with a regular extension, you can’t get and install it from extension stores like Chrome Web Store. You need to install it from the website clipconverter.cc.

If you don’t think the installation is reliable or you are not happy with this extension, you can use an alternative instead.

Video Downloader professional for Firefox is a great choice. Once you install it, its icon will appear in your Firefox Toolbar. If you want to save a video to your computer, please play the video and then click the said icon. A list of download options will appear for you to choose from. It has support for websites like YouTube and Vimeo.

alternative to clipconverter extension

You can also find similar extensions on Chrome. However, no such Chrome extension can successfully work with YouTube videos.

In conclusion

ClipConverter stopped supporting videos containing music long ago. If clipconverter.cc is not working or it doesn’t support the content you need, then you can use an alternative instead. This article lists a few great choices for you to consider. If you download multiple online videos on a regular basis, software like iFunia Free YouTube Downloader is recommended due to fast speed, the ability to save an entire playlist and perfect support for HD videos, among other advantages.

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