How to Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software: Ultimate Guide

Cheryl Bennett
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YouTube contains a variety of video resources, and each of us has a need to download videos from it. There are many ways to save online videos, but today we will focus on how to download YouTube videos without any software. Most of this post is devoted to online websites, as browser add-ons are not as useful as they should be.


Download YouTube Videos Online Free without Software

As mentioned earlier, this part is the highlight of how to download YouTube videos with any software. We have carefully selected the top 5 online YouTube download websites, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.


Keepvid is a minimalist website to download YouTube videos online free without software. It can save YouTube video as MP4, MP3, WebM, and M4A. In addition, it can download videos from other 100s of sites, such as Mixcloud, Imgur, Ted, VKontakte, Audiomack, Red Bull TV, etc.

Keepvid very confidently considers itself better than other online YouTube downloaders. It also lists more than 100 famous sites and claims that these sites are not as good as it. You can see these websites on its page.

The fly in the ointment is that not all YouTube videos can be downloaded with Keepvid. Sometimes the download fails with a 403 error.

1. Go to in your web browser. 

keepvid-step 1

2. Look up the YouTube video you want and copy its URL.

3. Paste the link to Keepvid and hit the "Go" button.

4. Click the "DOWNLOAD VIDEO" button. 

keepvid step 2

2) is a mature web-based tool to download YouTube videos without software, and many of you should have heard of it. It currently supports downloading videos from YouTube, VK, Tik Tok, Instagram, and other 40+ sites. It provides two output formats for YouTube videos – MP4 and WebM. However, when you want to download a higher-definition video, you can only select the option without sound.

For webmasters, encourages you to install its integration script so that a download button will appear directly on your page to download YouTube, Vimeo, VK, and Dailymotion videos.

1. Open in your web browser.

2. Copy and paste the video link from YouTube in the online website's box.

3. Choose the output format and quality.

4. Hit the "Download" button to save a YouTube video. 2

3) is a new website, mainly divided into four interfaces: YouTube Downloader, Facebook Downloader, Twitter Downloader, and Instagram Downloader. We used its YouTube Downloader page to test its function and efficiency. It allows me to download YouTube as a video with sound (MP4), an audio only (MP3), or a video without sound (MP4, WebM).

Although can download YouTube videos online free without software successfully, it merely saves videos up to 720p with sound. To download 1080p or 4k videos, you have to get a paid desktop app or download the video without sound.

1. Navigate to 

qdownloader 1

2. Copy the URL of a YouTube video, and paste it onto the specified field of

3. Click the “Download” button next to the box.

4. Scroll down, and choose one of the options to download. 

qdownload 2

4) is a webpage dedicated to downloading YouTube videos without any software. The page is concise, clear, and no ads. It is multilingual for you to switch between English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian. You are able to download YouTube videos to MP4, MP3, and M4A. But like most online tools, it can only download videos up to 720p. Even if the YouTube video you wish to download is 4k.

1. Visit 

videovor 1

2. Enter the URL of a YouTube and Hit the "Start" button.

3. Select an MP4 video as the output and press "Get the link". 

videovor 2

4. Right-click the link it shows and choose "Save link as".

5. Rename the file, choose a location to store it, and click "Save".

videovor 3 


By far, enables you to download video and audio files from 9 websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, Twitter, and AOL. It can also only download YouTube videos online free without software to MP4 (720p max) and MP3 (320kpbs max). shares the copy converter API code on its page. Everyone is capable of using the code in your mobile apps or sites.

1. Open 

yt2mp3 1

2. Copy URL from source video and paste it to YT2MP3.

3. Click “Download”.

4. Save the content in MP4 or MP3 format to your device. 

y2mp3 2

Download YouTube Videos without App by Changing URLs

This approach is essentially the same as using online tools. Instead of opening an online site, just change YouTube URL and you’ll be redirected to the download page. Read on to know how to download YouTube videos without any software using URL tricks.

Trick 1. Insert "magic" between "youtube"

1. Open YouTube on your browser and locate a video you wish to download.

2. Add "magic" after "you" but before "tube".

3. Press "Enter" on your keyboard, and it will bring you to

4. Click "Load Options" to analyze the video. 

changing url 1

5. Select an output format and click it to download. 

Trick 2. Change "youtube" to "youtubefff"

1. Navigate to the YouTube platform and find your preferred video.

2. In the address bar, add the words "fff" after "youtube" and before ".com".

add fff

3. Press the “Enter” button. Next, you get redirected to

4. Scroll down. You will see many output options. Choose to download YouTube video with audio, download audio only, or download video only.

choose output format

[Recommended] Download YouTube Videos without Losing Quality

If you have requirements for video quality and download efficiency, stop obsessing about how to download YouTube videos without any software. Merely professional third-party software can download a myriad number of videos at the same time with high quality.

iFunia YouTube Downloader is a quite simple and intuitive application to download videos from over 1000 different sites, like YouTube,, Vine, Vimeo, Dailymotion, MTV, Myspace, Youku, adults websites, and more. It helps you download the whole playlist and channels through a single link. As for downloading YouTube videos, it can add up to 200+ video URLs.

Step #1

Download and install iFunia YouTube Downloader on your computer.

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.11 or later

Step #2

Copy the link to a YouTube video.

Step #3

Back to the iFunia YouTube downloader, and paste the link into the "URL" field. Click the "+" button.


To add multiple YouTube videos to the download list, you have two ways:

Way one: Repeat step 2 and step 3 to add more videos.

Way two: Head to "File" > "Input URLs". Enter the URLs of multiple YouTube videos and click "OK".

add urls

Step #4

Once the videos are ready for download, choose the output formats and video quality. Click the down arrow icon to download YouTube videos with software.

4k download

FAQs about YouTube Download with or without Software

How to download YouTube videos without any software in Google Chrome and Firefox?

Since 2014, Google has strengthened the management of all YouTube Downloader plug-ins on Chrome and Firefox. Gradually, all plug-ins can only download videos from sites other than YouTube. There are many video downloaders for Chrome and Firefox, but none of them can download YouTube videos successfully.

Is safe to download YouTube videos online free without software?

Yes, but not 100%. You have to consider three things.

  • Online YouTube downloaders desire to be profitable in some way, so malware and shady ads are possible.
  • Most online tools limit the resolution of the videos. To get a higher resolution, you need to pay or download the software they promote.
  • Online services are in danger of being blocked. Therefore, for long-term use, try to choose a well-known website.

What's the best YouTube downloader?

According to the above introduction and our test, iFunia YouTube Downloader won first. It is more powerful, faster, and safer than online services.

To Conclude

After reading this article, you should know how to download YouTube videos without any software, or with software. We have listed the top 5 online free methods like Keepvid, 2 tricks to change YouTube video URLs, and a third-party app to help you download YouTube videos. Hope this article solves your download problem on YouTube. Wish you a happy life!

Cheryl Bennett
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Cheryl has been writing tutorials, reviews, and how-to articles on consumer apps since 2016. She specializes in multimedia products and is always testing on Mac, PC, and various devices.

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