12 Best OGG Player for Mac Ventura and Windows 10/11 (2023)

Cheryl Bennett
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OGG is designed to efficiently stream and manipulate high quality digital multimedia, if you want to play OGG file on your Mac or Windows PC, you will need an OGG player. In fact, there are lots of OGG players, yet users are still in search for the best one suiting their needs. On the one hand, they need an OGG player that can play the audio lossless. On the another hand, they don’t want to miss out a wealth of features that a good OGG player offers.

Therefore, here we list 12 best OGG players for Mac and for Windows, which can work perfectly on their respective OS, Ventura and Windows 10/11 included. Of course, you may find some tools that are quite familiar to the player appearing on our top list.

The Best OGG Player for Mac (Ventura)

Today, lots of media players are open to users for free, allowing users to play and enjoy all kinds of videos and audios a breeze, but the user experience and extended features are always the swing factors for users to download and install these programs to their mac. Here are 6 best OGG players for Mac users.

Free Download macOS 10.11 or later Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7

#1 iFunia Media Player

ifunia media player

iFunia Media Player is an easy to use mac multimedia program, accessing to virtually all video and audio formats, including wmv, avi, mp4, mkv, m4v, flv, mp3, flac, aac, ogg, m4a, etc. There harbors practically useful buttons in the player, helping user to control the playback and enjoy playing. It allows seamless audio playing and video watching, even you can take screenshot for the video file played in iFunia.


  1. Free to play multimedia files;
  2. Support virtually all videos and audios;
  3. Support HD 1080P, 4K and 3D videos;
  4. Play video and audio without losing quality;
  5. Load files fast for playing;
  6. Easy and fluid playback control;
  7. Allow taking screenshot;
  8. Offer Pro version to convert video/audio files;
  9. Compact in installer size;
  10. High compatibility on macOS;
  11. Can also work on Windows


  1. Convert function is paid service

Where to download:


#2 VLC

vlc player

VLC is a well-known media tool, it is an open source, designed to play and convert various videos/audios. VLC has a strong presence on different platforms, including macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Still, it is a useful tool to play DVDs, CDs, VCDs and other streaming protocols.


  1. Free and open source;
  2. Support virtually all videos and audios;
  3. Support playing DVD, CD, VCD and other streaming files;
  4. Allow to convert and stream files;
  5. Easy playback control;
  6. Add video/audio effects;


  1. Slow to load and play files;
  2. Audio and video don’t sync when stepping forward or backward;
  3. Fail to respond or crash sometimes;

Where to Download:


#3 5K Player

5k player

5K player is an up-to-date video player to play virtually all videos and audios. It builds in a Library interface, enabling users to manage playlist efficiently, import and play files from playlist easily, even to download video from YouTube for offline watching. Also, it offers extended features for today’s users to play media in modern ways, like supporting AirPlay, opening DVD files, providing radio service.


  1. Support various video and audio files;
  2. Support DVD disk;
  3. Manage files in Library;
  4. Allow AirPlay;
  5. Download YouTube videos online;
  6. Built-in radio player;
  7. Easy playback control;


  1. Large installer size;
  2. Relatively less supported video/audio formats than other players;

Where to Download:


#4 Elmedia Player

elmedia player                  

Same as iFunia, Elmedia Player comes with a neat and fluid interface, it supports playing a host of video and audio files, also helps to stream content to Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA devices. A playlist is provided to easy manipulation and management of your media files. Even, you can utilize this program to download YouTube videos and extract YouTube audio for offline enjoying.


  1. Support virtually all videos and audios;
  2. Stream to AirPlay, Chromecast and DLNA devices;
  3. Manage files in playlist;
  4. Easy playback control;
  5. Download video and audio from YouTube;


  1. Respond relatively slow when importing files;
  2. Download online YouTube files takes time, or fail sometimes;

Where to Download:


#5 MPV

mpv player

Like VLC, MPV is also a free open source player to play media files on cross-platform. That is to say, MPV allows you to play virtually all video and audio files on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and others, for 100% free. It is purely a media player, no extended features are offered. But you can open a video or audio file from URL.


  1. Free and open source;
  2. Support virtually all video and audio files;
  3. Open file from URL;


  1. Not easy to control the playback;
  2. Feature-limited;

Where to Download:


#6 Free Mac Media Player

free media player

Free Media Player is extremely easy to use, there is no advanced features to manage or download videos/audios, but you are allowed to open from Disc. The greatest disadvantage of this program lies in its slow response and a short-time black screen when importing files for playing.


  1. Free and easy to use;
  2. Support virtually all videos and audios;
  3. Open files from Blu-ray disc;
  4. Take screenshot;


  1. Respond slowly;
  2. Sync issues when stepping forward or backward;

Where to Download:


Best OGG Player for Windows 10/11

For Windows users, Windows Media Player has been the best way to play audios and videos for a long time. Yet today, it is not easy to install this free program to your Windows 10/11, also, it hasn’t been updated for years. And this is just the reason why so many Windows users are in need of another best OGG player on Windows 10/11. Alike the solution for mac users, here we list 6 best OGG player for Windows 10/11, with extended features to access to as many as media files.

#1 PotPlayer


When speaking of the best OGG player or the most popular media player for Windows users, PotPlayer is the one come first into our mind, due to its optimized playback, it gives users a high-class experience, ease to use and rich features. Not only offers an excellent support for different video and audio formats, PotPlayer also builds on various tools to watch and enjoy media from a wide range to devices, like DVD disk, TV.


  1. Support virtually all video and audio formats;
  2. Support 360-degree and 3D videos, DVDs;
  3. Optimized playback control;
  4. Handle files from local storage, URL and FTP server;
  5. Include screen recorder, TV receiver;
  6. Allow to editing videos;


  1. Respond slowly when importing large files;
  2. Sync issues when stepping forward or backward;

Where to Download:


#2 RealPlayer


Not only to play videos and audios, RealPlayer is also able to read photos. And RealPlayer is more than a media player, it is a powerful tool to manage media files, convert videos, download online videos, even burn DVD with ease. RealPlayer offers both free and pro versions, there are limitations for the free version, but if you just want to play OGG or other files with high quality, its free version is all what you need at this moment.


  1. Support virtually all videos and audios;
  2. Support reading photos;
  3. Superior viewing experience when playing media files;
  4. Download web videos;
  5. Convert videos;
  6. Trim video, add filters and transitions;
  7. Burn CD;
  8. Stream on SD card;


  1. Library loads slowly;
  2. Too large in installer size;
  3. Crash for no reason sometimes;
  4. Cannot find files on SD card;

Where to Download:


#3 GOM Media Player


With 20 years experience in video media software, GOM player has proved its power in playing all kinds of media files, online or offline, original supported or damaged files, it will search codec to play your files successfully. Also, its always-updated subtitles library will help you enjoy the movies without hassle. Though the too-neat interface does compromise user experience, it is capable of loading files without buffering, in this regard, it does much better than others.


  1. Support virtually all videos and audios;
  2. Support 360-degree VR video;
  3. Find subtitles;
  4. Play online videos;
  5. Find codec and install to play unsupported files;
  6. Extra useful tools: graphic equalizer, skin/theme template;


  1. Contain unwanted programs;
  2. Interface is not that intuitive;

Where to Download:



kodi player

Kodi is an open source media player to stream videos across different devices and access to various media files for easy playing. The smart playlist will help users to manage and tag the media files easily. In addition to HD videos, Kodi also works on ISO, 3D, H.264 and other types of videos. Even, it offers some useful editing features to customize your files, like adding posters, trailers, etc.


  1. Support various videos and audios;
  2. Support ISO, 3D;
  3. Stream films on different devices: TV, PC, Mobile phone;
  4. Save TV shows for offline watching;
  5. Smart playlist and easy playback control;


  1. Require learning curve to get familiar with this program;
  2. Take time to stream contents;

Where to Download:


#5 KMPlayer


KMPlayer is another well-known free media player to play OGG and other media files, it has offered its free service for years. It also works on high definition videos and allows you to tweak the video settings. Even, it harbors various buttons on the interface to playback easily. However, the advertisements within this program may slow the media playing and annoy you a little bit.


  1. Easy to use;
  2. Support various video and audio formats;
  3. Support 3D, 4K and VR;
  4. Advanced video setting is allowed, like filters;
  5. Take screenshot;
  6. Download online videos (YouTube, Daily Motion, etc.)


  1. Too much advertisements and link to 3rd party sources;
  2. Not convenient to manage audio files;
  3. User experience needs improvement, regarding menus and preferences;

Where to Download:


#6 Media Player Classic

media player classic

Media Player Classis is definitely the easiest OGG player to play all common videos and audios on Windows. As you can see from its interface, it is Windows Media Player alike, providing several common buttons for playback. There is few extended features, but also no spyware/advertisement.


  1. Extremely easy to use;
  2. Support various video and audio formats;
  3. Offer different skins for toolbar buttons;
  4. Lightweight;


  1. Outdated interface;
  2. No extra features;
  3. Respond slow when loading files;

Where to Download:


Is OGG Better than MP3?

We heard MP3 more often and basically almost all the music files lie in our music player are in MP3 format, but people argue that OGG has a better sound quality, OGG VS MP3, which one is better? Is OGG better than MP3? It is hard to answer this since each one has its advantages and disadvantages, you can find the differences between them in following table:






Open source

Sound quality



File size



Compression bit rate

Remain constant









Today, most of users are more inclined to look for a versatile media player to play OGG or other files, especially a tool with excellent performance on video playing, just for the reason that media files play an important role in our entertainment world. So, what is your best OGG player.

Cheryl Bennett
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Cheryl has been writing tutorials, reviews, and how-to articles on consumer apps since 2016. She specializes in multimedia products and is always testing on Mac, PC, and various devices.

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