4 Easy Ways to Download VLIVE Videos and Playlists for Free

Cheryl Bennett
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V Live or VLIVE is a live video streaming platform owned by Naver Corporation. VLIVE is a great platform for fans to watch the live videos of their Korean idols and interact with them. Can I download VLIVE videos? How? This article will show you how to easily download VLIVE videos as well as playlists with subs using different methods.

Method 1. Batch download VLIVE videos with desktop software


  1. Fast and efficient download
  2. Allow batch download
  3. Can download entire VLIVE playlist with one click
  4. Support MP4, MP3 and other output formats
  5. Provide multiple quality levels
  6. Also download videos from YouTube, Facebook and other sites


  1. You need to download and install software.

iFunia Free YouTube Downloader

Despite its name, iFunia YouTube Downloader can actually download videos and audios from more than 1000 websites on Mac and Windows, including VLIVE. It is easy to use and offers powerful performance to download online videos safely and quickly without terminating the download task suddenly. It can

  • Download videos from VLIVE, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and 1000+ other sites
  • Batch download VLIVE videos
  • Download entire playlist from VLIVE, YouTube, etc.
  • Download SD, 1080p HD, 4K and even 8K videos
  • Also directly download video MP3 from VLIVE, etc.
  • Provide high speed download
  • Convert the downloaded videos to many other formats you want

One of the greatest things about this app is that it allows you to download VLIVE videos in bulk, which helps you save time and energy. Another thing is its support for downloading VLIVE playlist with one click.

Step-by step instructions

Step 1. Install the downloader 

Download and install iFunia Free YouTube Downloader. Launch it.

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7   Free Download macOS 10.11 or later

Step 2. Add URLs

Copy the link URL of the VLIVE video you want to download, and paste the URL to iFunia. Press the return key on your computer. For batch download, just add multiple URLs.

Step 3. Select output quality and format

In the Format field, select a resolution you need, say 1080p. You can download VLIVE videos to MP4 and MP3 audio. Click the down arrow icon.

download vlive videos on mac

Step 4. Download VLIVE playlist (if needed) 

Copy and paste the playlist URL. Select the desired quality level. To remove an unwanted video from the download list, just unselect the checkbox.

You can download the subtitles from DownSub and then watch your favorite VLIVE videos offline with subs.

Replay Media Catcher

Relay Media Cather is another great choice. Coming with a free mode, it allows you to download VLIVE videos to the computer effortlessly and also offers other features.

  • Save videos from many sites including VLIVE
  • Convert videos to common formats such as MP3
  • Provide a scheduling feature
  • Download at high speed
  • Can also record audio

1. Get it installed on your computer. Open it.

2. On the top of the interface, enter a VLIVE video URL.

3. Click Get. Wait for a while, and you will see the VLIVE video in the download list along with information, such as size, name and download status.

download vlive videos on PC

Method 2. Download VLIVE videos online


  1. No need to install any software
  2. Handy to use
  3. Provide multiple quality levels


  1. Don’t allow multiple download
  2. Can’t deal with playlist download
  3. Relatively slow download speed
  4. Limit output format is available

Savieo is a web-based video downloader with support for a lot of websites including VLIVE. It downloads videos in MP4, and no other format is available. It’s one of the sites that can download VLIVE videos with subs.

1. Copy a VLIVE video URL.

2. Go to https://savieo.com/. Paste the URL. Click the download button.

3. Select the resolution you need. All available subtitles, such as English, Italiano, Español and Indonesian, will be listed. Choose the one you need.

download vlive videos online using savieo

Method 3. Use mobile apps to download VLIVE videos


  1. Easy to install and use
  2. No need to copy and paste URL
  3. Batch download videos from VLIVE


  1. Can’t download playlist

All Video Downloader (Android)

This is actually a browser with download function. It supports VLIVE and a number of other video sharing and social networking platforms. It’s convenient to use with features like resuming. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. You are not allowed to select resolution. Also, it can’t fetch the video title. As a result, you need to rename the downloaded video file manually.

1. Get this app from Google Play and install it. Open it on your phone.

2. Go to vlive.tv. Find the video you want to download. Play it.

3. Find the red download icon below the video. Click it. You can check out the status in Progress tab. Edit the video name if needed.

download vlive videos on Android

Documents by Readdle (iOS)

Designed to be file manager and media player for iPhone and iPad, it is actually can be also used for file download. It allows you to download VLIVE videos in only a few steps.

1. Download this app from the App Store for free. Install it.

2. Open the app. Use the browser to visit an online VLIVE video downloader, say Savieo.

download vlive videos iPhone

3. Paste the V Live video URL and continue with the following steps to download.

4. In this Documents app, there is a Download folder. This is where the downloaded VLIVE video is stored. You can move it to the Photos or other folder if needed.

Method 4. Download VLIVE videos using a browser extension


  1. Easy and handy to use
  2. Don’t have to copy and paste VLIVE URL


  1. Relatively low download speed
  2. Most don’t offer bulk download

It’s common to download online videos using Internet browser extensions or add-ons. However, when it comes to downloading VLIVE videos, there aren’t a lot of choices. I’ve tested some popular Chrome extensions to download videos. Most of them can’t detect and download VLIVE videos at all. One extension can download only the ad videos. The only one that is really able to download videos from VLIVE is Video DownloadHelper.

1. Get this extension from Chrome Web Store.

2. Open a VLIVE video that you’d like to save to your computer.

3. Click the extension’s icon on your Chrome toolbar. Hover your mouse over the resolution you need, and an arrow symbol will appear.

download vlive videos

4. Click the arrow. You will find three options: Quick download, Download, and Download & Convert. Click the option that meets your need.

Tip: Can you download V Live+ videos and Channel+ videos?

Just like on YouTube, most videos on VLIVE are free to watch. VLIVE also provides paid content. To access videos from V Live+ and Channel+ (or CH+), one has to pay. Can you download V Live+ videos for offline watching? How about Channel+ videos?

V Live+ content is not free to watch. You can buy the paid content using electronic currency called V coins. By doing so, you are not only able to watch the VLIVE plus videos but also download them for offline viewing. Yes, they are officially downloadable. Note that the saved content is available only inside the V Live app with your account logged in.

Channel+ /CH+ channels are only accessible with a subscription. Users used to be able to download VLIVE Channel+ videos using tools like Internet Download Manager or Video DownloadHelper. Some users also managed to download VLIVE CH+ video and sub by getting the source file URL from webpage source, which, however, doesn’t work now.

download vlive channel+ videos

Wrapping Up

There is more than one easy way to download VLIVE videos. Note that the methods mentioned are only for personal use. After saving your favorite VLIVE videos of your idol, you are able to enjoy them even when there is poor or no Internet connection, which is great! Do you find this article useful? Which method do you prefer?

Cheryl Bennett
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Cheryl has been writing tutorials, reviews, and how-to articles on consumer apps since 2016. She specializes in multimedia products and is always testing on Mac, PC, and various devices.

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