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Where and How to Download The Walking Dead?

Written by Elena on March 14, 2018

Last updated: March 14, 2018| 3 minutes to read

The Walking Dead, an AMC series with its premiere on October 31st, 2010, has been well received by audiences and critics in and outside United States. Now, the eighth season in on air, and the next episode (episode 9) of season 8 will return on Feb 25, 2018.

As a crazy follower on this series, I prefer to download all released episodes once for all and watch offline, instead of waiting for some days to watch the newly release one. If you are watching in Non-US countries, or want to download previous episodes for offline going over, I will show you where and how to download The Walking Dead, to watch anytime, anywhere.

Top Websites to Watch the Walking Dead Online

As the regulations on copyright protection goes harder and harder, websites allowing users to watch shows online is reducing in quantity but improving in quality, here we will introduce top 2 websites to watch The Walking Dead online safely and with excellent watching experience.

#1 AMC

AMC is an American satellite television channel owned by AMC Networks, which has the exclusive right to air The Walking Dead. Or put it simply, AMC is the official website to watch TWD series.

All the episode of TWD series are available on this channel, to watch the show, you will need to register first. Choose a cable provide to register and you will be able to watch the shows online.

For sure, it is safe to watch TWD on AMC, also you will gain an excellent watching experience with high resolution and no-ads, yet, here comes a complaint about registration:

“You can only long onto the AMC website if you have a big name cable or satellite company. If you have a small and/or local company you can't log in so you're stuck paying twice if you want to access any of their shows online.”---JADYN513

So, if you have a big name cable, go on trying watching on AMC. Otherwise, try something else.

#2. YouTube

As in such a media-driven world, YouTube has played its role to fast circulate videos, audios and other media entertainment in the whole world. So, YouTube is definitely a good platform to watch The Walking Dead series online, users can not only enjoy the show itself, but also get extra kick out of interactive activities (comments, self-made videos, etc.) from different people watching the same show.

You may find free open sources to watch previous episodes on YouTube, but if you want to watch the latest eighth season, you will need to pay. The price will be different according to SD or HD, single episode or full season. According to me, the price is acceptable with the intention to protect copyright and respect the hard word of TWD team.

You can subscribe official YouTube channel “The Walking Dead” to watch all episode.

How to Download the Walking Dead for Offline Watching?

In the case you want to watch The Walking Dead offline or save the episodes for later viewing, you will need to download The Walking Dead videos. But how? Here you will get the easiest way to download The Walking Dead for offline watching at anytime, anywhere.

To Download The Walking Dead on Mac

Step 1, get a YouTube Downloader for Mac

To download AMC or YouTube videos, you will need a YouTube Downloader, which is designed to directly download videos from popular video platforms, including but not limited to YouTube, AMCNetworks, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Yahoo. Here we recommend iFunia YouTube Downloader Mac, the best free pick for most of users. Click on the download icon as following, you will be guided to install the program safely and easily for totally free.

Step 2, copy the url of source video to the YouTube Downloader

Once you have run the YouTube Downloader on your mac, copy the YouTube url of The Walking Dead to the program. You can also choose the preferred format to save the YouTube videos as, enabling you watch The Walking Dead episodes on any device and any time. In addition, batch downloading is also supported.

youtube downloader mac add video url

Step 3, download The Walking Dead series.

Once you have pasted the url and tweaked the settings, click the download icon to start the downloading process. You will get The Walking Dead episodes within minutes.

youtube downloader mac choose video format and quality

To Download The Walking Dead on Windows

If you are a Windows user, you can use a YouTube Download for Windows to download the videos. Here we recommend utilizing WinX YouTube Downloader for Windows, which allows you to fast download videos from YouTube and other 300 popular websites. It supports downloading videos and audios in batch.

Step 1, download and install YouTube Downloader on your PC. Once you have entered the official webpage, you will be guided to download and install the program easily.

Step 2, copy the YouTube url of TWD to the program, and choose your desired output video resolution or format.

Step 3, click “Download” icon to start download The Walking Dead.

Final Words

As AMC announces, the new episode of The Walking Dead Season 08 will return on this Feb 25th, but, have you registered an account to watch the episode on AMC, or do you get a professional YouTube Downloader to get your favorite episodes for later watching? If not, do now!

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