Christmas is approaching fast. It’s never too early to celebrate the holiday. When it comes to the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit, watching Christmas movies is definitely a good idea. Nowadays, it’s common for us to watch movies online on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, etc. It is easy, convenient and easily accessible. Here is a list of the top 10 best Christmas movies on Netflix 2017. The list is in alphabetical order.

Best Christmas Movies on Netflix to Watch in 2017

A Christmas Carol (2009)

PG | 1H 36Min

It seems that there is a new version of A Christmas Carol coming out every year. It is great to see the Charles Dickens classic brought back to the big screen. The story has been done a million times before, but this time it is in 3D. This version is a great rendition of a classic Christmas story starring Colin Firth, Gary Oldman, and Jim Carrey, among others. This is among the best Christmas movies on Netflix in 2017.

A Christmas Carol

Bad Santa (2003)

R | 1H 31Min

One of the best comedy Christmas movies on Netflix, it stars Billy Bob Thornton as a man pretending to be a shopping mall Santa so that he can rob a shopping mall. He and his partner who poses as Little Helper have staged a elaborate plan which unfortunately is discovered by the security boss. The best part of this movie is that Billy Bob Thornton is so committed to his role as a miserable con man. This classic holiday movie is definitely worth watching and rewatching. By the way, Bad Santa 2 came out in 2016.

Bad Santa

Elf (2003)

PG | 1H 37Min

Elf is another 2003 movie from our list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. In the story, there’s a baby in an orphanage. He sneaks into Santa's bag and goes back to the North Pole. He ends up being raised as an elf and grows up. At the age of 30, he discovers that he’s not an elf and starts seeking his true identity. It’s really a great movie to watch with the whole family.


Gremlins (1984)

PG | 1H 46Min

Released in 1984, this old movie is many people’s favorite Christmas movie. It’s a combination of a horror movie and a kid fantasy movie. The story is above a boy who breaks three rules concerning his new pet, which was giving by his father a few days before Christmas, and releases a group of monsters on a small town. If you are into horror comedies, Gremlins is highly recommended.


Home Alone (1990)

PG | 1H 43Min

Every single winter, Home Alone is a must. It was the highest grossing movie of 1990. It is and still will be the best movie of many people’s childhood. While it’s a kid movie, many adults still love it. We can all relate to it in one way or another. Home Alone is a great movie with a great cast. You can watch this best Christmas movie on Netflix with your family and friends in the holiday season.

Home Alone

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

PG | 2H 10Min

This is one of the best classic Christmas movies on Netflix. It’s more than a Christmas movie. It’s a wonderful movie that you can watch and watch again. While It's a Wonderful Life is not an American version nor adaptation nor sequel to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, it echos the story in many ways. Both setting on Christmas Eve, the two stories are both about businessmen and feature supernatural intervention. The movie is rated 8.6/10 on IMDb.

It's a Wonderful Life

Love Actually (2003)

R | 2H 15Min

Once again, here comes another 2003 movie in this best Christmas movies on Netflix 2017 list. One big reason that Love Actually succeeds as a Christmas movie or movie in general is because it can handle its characters very well. It follows various couples about a month before Christmas and tells about their struggles or relationships. They're all kind of intertwined or connected. The movie is funny, sweet and can get audience into the Christmas spirit.

Love Actually

Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

PG | 1H 54Min

There are actually two versions of the movie available on Netflix, the 1994 version and the 1947 one. The 6-year-old Susan has doubts that Santa Claus is real and she discovers that dreams can come true if you really do believe so. The movie is above courage, hope, faith and love. And there are also some funny moments that will make you laugh.

Miracle on 34th Street

The Holiday (2006)

PG-13 | 2H 18Min

It is a romantic comedy perfect for a winter evening. The movie tells a story of two women suffering from breakup. They exchange homes and each in love with a local guy. In addition to a good cast, the movie also has a good soundtrack. The music helps let us feel the mood in this movie.

The Holiday

The Polar Express (2004)

G | 1H 40Min

This popular Christmas movie on Netflix is loved by many people. A little boy wakes up in the middle of night and find a giant train outside his bedroom. He is invited to take the train which heads for the North Pole. There are other kids on the train as well. Most of of the movie is just the journey. The movie is based on a short book which is also worth reading.

The Polar Express

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What do you think of this list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix 2017? Some of them are classic movies and some are the modern ones. These great movies are definitely worth watch and rewatching. It’ll be great to watch them with family and friends. Apart from the movies featured in the list, on Netflix there are also many other great movies to watch during the holiday season.