Q1: How do I improve the quality of the videos converted?

The qualities videos generated, both audio and video, mainly depend on two factors — the quality of original files and the output settings selected, both of which have considerable impacts on the quality of output files. The better quality the original videos have, the better quality the converted files will be of. You also can always make them better by choosing a higher standard for the resolution and bit rate of output files, respectively. However, please bear it in mind that, the better quality the files are of, the larger they will be, consuming more space, and the conversion process will be relatively longer.

Q2: What do I do to speed the conversion process up?

A number of factors, from the source files (including their quality, format, length and size, etc) to computer configuration to the settings for outputs, can have great impacts on how much time the process needs to complete. To speed things up, therefore, one can always try to use smaller videos as source, do the conversion on a better computer, or change the video and audio quality of output videos to a lower standard, respectively.

Q3: Why does the movie become numerous little files, each of which only has a part of it, instead of one big file?

This problem happens when all the chapters of a DVD have been checked before the conversion, because the DVD Ripper converts all the contents ticked off. To have this issue fixed, you can only tick off the box(es) of title(s) (usually one DVD has only one title; in some cases, a DVD might have several titles, yet just one of them has the actual movie, and the others are just clips of previews or something else), and uncheck all the boxes of chapters unless you want clips of given parts of the movie as well.

Q4: Which output option is my best shot?

There is no universal answer to this question, as people may have different major concerns. Our programs have quite a range of output options specifically designed for given devices. You can go to the column named after the device and choose the one based on your primary concerns (e.g. those who only want the best viewing experience and are not concerned about the size of the file generated should pick the ones of the highest quality; if one wants to keep the converted file small and to make the conversion quite short, one can have the ones of the poorest quality as the winners).

Q5: Why are black bars on the left or right side (top or bottom) of the video generated?

This problem happens because the original video's aspect ratio is not consistent with the counterpart of output file. For instance, for a video whose resolution is 1280 x 720, its aspect ratio is 16:9; so if the output file's aspect ratio is not of 16:9, black bars will be added to make the compensation, avoiding the picture to be twisted. To fix this problem, therefore, you need to change the resolution of output video to the one consistent with that of source file; if no identical resolution or aspect ratio is available (this happens because some videos have very uncommon resolution), to minimize these black bars, the closest ones should be selected.

Q6: Apart from DVD folders, is DVD Ripper able to load IFO files? If so, how am I supposed to get the digital files loaded? What are the discrepancies between loading DVD folders and loading IFO files?

The DVD Ripper can load both DVD folders and IFO files; the loading processes are pretty similar: click on the "Load" button on the left upper corner, and then, instead of selecting "Load DVD Folder", you can choose "Load IFO Files" from the drop-down list to do the trick.

When you select "Load DVD Folder" , it opens the whole thing - all files including trailers or commercials will be loaded into the program. If you, however, select "Load IFO Files", you can choose one particular IFO file to load. The biggest IFO file usually has the actual movie; thus if you only get this one to convert, you will be able to save much time.

Q7: What am I supposed to do to get the videos 5.1 channels?

To have output files with 5.1 channels, the original video files have to have 5.1 channels. For those do not have it, their converted versions simply are not able to have this superb sound effect.

The videos have to be added to the program and to be highlighted; and then you need to click the gear-wheel looking button on the bottom to activate the settings panel. In the Audio section, there is the "Channel" tab controlling the sound effect of the output video. Click it and choose the 5.1 option from the drop-down list.

Q8: I have a copy of iFunia 3DGallery and really adore this app, yet I still have one little concern. Will the files generated by it contain any personal or other privileged information in my computer, causing the leak of confidential stuff when I have them shared online?

We can guarantee all our users that, both paid and unpaid, no personal information or confidential stuff whatsoever will be recorded by either our apps or the files generated; users can use them without worrying whether anything "not-meant-to-be-shared" will be leaked.

Q9:From your website I repeatedly tried to download programs to my iPad or iPhone, the safari just simply would not allow me. What was going on?

All of our software was designed compatible with either Mac OS or Windows OS. Neither iPad nor iPhone run either of them. So none of our products could be downloaded to and used on both iPads and iPhones.

Q10: How come my copy of iFunia Video Converter Pro keeps crashing on me when I was trying to rip DVDs?

The iFunia Video Converter products, including the iFunia Video Converter Pro, iFunia MKV Converter, iFunia iPod Video Converter, iFunia iPhone Video Converter, iFunia iPad Video Converter, iFunia Apple TV Video Converter, iFunia PSP Video Converter, iFunia PSP Video Converter, iFunia MOD Converter, iFunia MOV Converter, iFunia WMV Converter, iFunia FLV Converter, iFunia AVI Converter, and iFunia MobilePhone Converter, were designed for video converting only; thus, they are not able to rip DVDs. Problem may occur if you use them to do so. If one has the need to rip DVDs, we have a whole set of DVD Rippers that can perfectly meet one's demands.

Q11: Why does the iFunia Video Converter Pro only convert the very first 5 minutes of a movie of hours? I am using the trial version of it.

The trial version's copies of our video converters and DVD rippers can only convert the first 5 minutes of every file longer than 5 minutes imported, or the first half of every one shorter than 5 minutes added; this is because we want to offer our potential users to see how these software work and whether they are as great as advertized.

Q12: Why does the iFunia YouTube Converter for Mac suggesting the URLs of some videos on YouTube are illegal? I copied the exact addresses with no modification whatsoever.

This problem happens probably because the URLs of those videos do not start with http://www.youtube.com/watch?. Currently, iFunia YouTube Converter for Mac only supports URLs start this way.

Q13: What should I do if the program(s) that I bought did not work properly? How can I get the problem effectively resolved?

Problems happen because of a variety of reasons. To determine what exactly went wrong causing them and come up with solutions to have them fixed, we need to study the log files, all of which recorded what exactly went wrong in detail, generated by the program(s). With the absences of them, there would not be too much we can do. So please send them to us, and we will do our utmost to help you fix it as soon as possible.

Here is how to find the log files:

For the Mac version: To find the log files we need, please activate the "Finder" program on the dock, then go to the "Library" folder, then Application Support, and then the folder named after the program you bought. After doing so, you will be able to see the log files lying at the right column.

For Windows version: You may find the Log folder at: C:\Program Files\iFunia\iFunia XXXXX XXX\Log (assuming you've installed this program by default).

Q14: How come I did not find those log files in the folder where you said they would be?

For the Mac version, this problem occurred probably because you did not copy the program to the local disk of your computer. In this case, please move the software to either the desktop of the program or the "Applications" folder on the dock, after having it downloaded of course, run it, and then do whatever you did leading that very problem again to generate the log files we need. After doing so, they should be exactly where they are supposed to be.

For the Windows version, this problem probably happened because of the Operating System you are using (especially Windows Vista or Windows 7). In this case, you need to launch the program as the administrator by right-clicking on the icon of the program and selecting the "Run As Administrator" from the list popped out, and then do whatever you did leading to that very problem again to generate the log files we need. After doing so, they should be exactly where they are supposed to be.