YouTube and other video-sharing websites are a great way to share video online; well now, Apple iPhone 8 are starting to offer a 1080p HD video recording option that allows the user to record 1080p video clips that are optimized and immediately available for upload to YouTube.

While YouTube now does accept iPhone MPEG4 files for sharing, it is easier for YouTube lovers to share the recorded videos for viewing by family members or friends worldwide.  But how about upload lots of iPhone 8 video clips? Will you choose to merge iPhone 8 videos before uploading to YouTube? This article will show you how to join iPhone 8 1080p recoding videos for YouTube sharing.

Merge iPhone 8 1080p recoding movies for Sharing on YouTube™

iFunia iPhone Video Converter is the recommended iPhone 8 HD video merger on Mac to join multiple iPhone 8 1080p or 720p videos without decoding or recoding. It is a great time saver for video streaming on YouTube. Follow the guide below and enjoy the easy process to share iPhone 8 1080p HD videos.

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Step 1: Merge iPhone 8 1080p HD Video Files

First Connect iPhone 8 to computer with USB cable, For mac users you can see how to transfer videos for iPhone 8 to Mac. Then use iFunia iPhone Video Converter to merge any number of videos to a single one for long time watching and sharing on YouTube like video website. With it, you could also edit iPhone 8 HD 1080p recording videos before merge into one video.

convert video and audio using ifunia video converter for mac

Step 2: Sharing Merged iPhone 8 1080p movies on YouTube

Now you have get the output, you can go to your YouTube account and render the iPhone 8 1080p video files with the option for HD video. First login your YouTube account and press the "Browse" button to locate the merged iPhone 8 1080p video file on your computer and then press the "Upload Video" button, the amount of time required to upload a video depends upon your internet connection speed and the size of the video you're uploading. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.


When upload merged iPhone 8 1080p videos, you could make private settings so that only allowed people could watch your uploaded iPhone 8 1080p recording video. This way, sharing private iPhone 8 1080p video on YouTube is also a good choice.