iPhone 8 is finally released, ending the long waiting of Apple fans. It just makes sense that a phone that's also a music player would be able to use the songs stored on it as ringtones. While it’s the same case with iPhone 8, it's not always easy when it comes to iPhone ringtones. Apple has set the iPhone up in a way that tries to force people to use its iTunes and software to create iPhone ringtones. Here's a list of programs that can help you create your own iPhone 8 ringtones.

Free iPhone 8 Ringtone Creation Programs

Program iFuntastic iTunes MakeiPhone Ringtone
Developer iPhoneAlley Apple Rogue Amoeba
Cost Free Free Free
Platform Mac Mac and Windows Mac
Features The leading iPhone customization program: install programs, change icons, install ringtones Full iPod/iPhone music management system and store; official software Drag and drop ringtones to iPhone
Ringtones Deleted by Apple Updates Yes No No
Link IFuntastic ITunes MakeiPhone Ringtone

Make iPhone Ringtones on Mac for Free with iTunes 12

Hit the video after the 'leap' for the demonstration or read my break down below on how to make a custom iPhone 8 ringtone, totally free, using JUST iTunes 12.

  1. Find an MP3 (not AAC or anything with DRM [i.e. not bought, except Amazon])
  2. Right click on the MP3 and choose 'Get Info' and select 'Options'
  3. Set the start and stop time to your favorite part of the song. You'll want it to be no more than 20 seconds in length
  4. Click 'ok'
  5. Right click on the song again, this time choose 'Create AAC Version'
  6. Drag the newly made AAC file from iTunes to your desktop
  7. Delete the newly made AAC file from iTunes (it won't work if you have duplicates)
  8. Change the name of the extension (the file on your desktop) from 'm4a' to 'm4r' (note: to see extension in Vista you'll need to modify an option in your Control Panel
  9. Now drag the file, with the new extension, back into your iTunes Library. It should appear in your ringtones section.

Make iPhone Ringtones from YouTube on Mac

If you want to make iPhone ringtones from YouTube, you need use software to extract audio from YouTube video to iTunes supported formats first. iFunia YouTube Downloader for Mac can help you to extract audio from any YouTube video to audio file. Then you can use iTunes 12 to make iPhone Ringtones as the steps above. Follow this tutorial, you can set movie quotes as your iPhone 8 ringtone.

1.Download iFunia YouTube Downloader for Mac and install it.

Download iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac Now

Download iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac Now

2.Go to YouTube. Search for the video that contains your the music you like, drag and drop the video thumbnail to the application. You can also copy and paste video URL.

youtube downloader for mac add url

3.There is a dropdown menu at the Format field. It lists the available output formats (including audio and video formats) and qualities. Just select the output format as the iTunes supported formats such as MP3. After the download is finished, you can use iTunes 12 to make iPhone Ringtones free as the steps above.

youtube downloader mac choose output format and video quality