Apple recently announced that its Wifi+3G iPad will be available in stores on this April 30. Consumers should be able to get much more out of the 3G version than the WiFi-only model. But the iPad 3G not only costs 120 USD more than the Wi-Fi only model but will also you require you to take on a new data plan from AT&T at approximately $15 to $30 a month. So if you can't stomach an extra payment each month or paying the extra $130, you can get your iPad Wifi connected to the 3G or 4G with the following cheap, easy and creative options.

MyWi Mobile Hotspot App

The MyWi Mobile Hotspot app is the first and recommended solution. All you will need is this app which can be downloaded for $9.99 and a 3G enabled phone with a data plan. Once you have downloaded the app onto your 3G phone, in our case an iPhone, you will need to tether it to your iPad and you're all set! You now can get access to the internet using your iPhone's 3G connection and data plan.

In principal, this will work with just about every other 3G phone that you can install the MyWi Mobile Hotspot to. But be warned, you're going to eat up quite a bit of bandwidth and also the batteries on your iPhone so it is best to have an unlimited data plan and keep your iPhone on the charging dock when surfing the web via your iPad Wi-Fi.

Sprint's Overdrive Solution

Available from Sprint exclusively the Overdrive wireless hotspot can connect your iPad to the Sprint 4G service available in select cities as well as connecting you to 3G networks the rest of the time. The Overdrive is currently $99 after a $50 MIR from Sprint and costs $59.99 a month for unlimited 4G and 5GB of 3G data usage.

This option is better suited for individuals who have more than just an iPad and want to setup a mobile hotspot where they can have multiple devices connect to the Web simultaneously.

Verizon's MiFi Solution

Alternatively, you can spring for Verizon's MiFi solution which offers 3G speeds. If you want to buy the MiFi on a 2-year contract you can pick it up for a penny at Amazon or for $49.99 direct; but you'll need to pay $60 a month (5GB) even if you don't need it. If you can pick one up used you can get a month-by-month plan for $39.99 to $59.99 for 250MB and 5GB respectively. The great part about this solution is that it is simple and you gain access to the Verizon or Sprint networks which cover a larger area than AT&T's do. The downside is your monthly cost will be higher and the MiFi's battery won't last as long as your iPad's.

Wireless Tether

If you have an android phone, and can root it, then Wireless Tether for Root Users is an easy way to turn your Android device into a mobile hotspot. The installation instructions vary based on what phone you have, but if you have a Droid, even one with 2.1, you can root and install Wireless Tether with a handy guide from’s forum. The easiest way to get this setup is to install the DroidMod Rom which includes Wireless Tether. We do want to note that this is a process that could brick your phone so proceed at your own caution.


While the iPad WiFi+3G is the easiest and longest lasting way to get your iPad online, there are several other methods to get you connected to most major wireless carriers for little cost. Personally I am using Wireless tether and can easily tether my iPad for on the go productivity and entertainment. Whether I am playing Words With Friends, watching Lost on the ABC Player, listening to Pandora or uploading a post to Wordpress I have had no issues.