You have some DVDs with a main audio track and commentary. They both have subtitles as well. Now you want to get MKV files with subtitles on Macbook and share with your family back home when you visit. Right? Well, iFunia's DVD to MKV Converter for Mac would be perfect for you. Because it's very easy to rip DVD movies into 1 single file including subtitles in this DVD ripping program, and it's for Mac OS. This software is a free trial application for Mac OS X that accomplishes this task quickly and easily.

With iFunia's Video Converter for Mac, You don't need to know about video formats or settings to convert DVD to MKV with Subtitle - just run the DVD to MKV Converter for Mac, open DVD, select a ready-made preset, and hit the start button. Here are the easy steps.

Step 1. Free download iFunia Video Converter for Mac

Make sure you have iFunia DVD to MKV Converter for Mac installed. If you don't have it installed, get it now. To install it, simply mount the .dmg archive by double-clicking it, and copy the application to your applications folder (or wherever you want).

Download iFunia Free Video Converter for Mac Now

Free Download iFunia Video Converter for Mac Now

Step 2. Run iFunia Video Converter for Mac and load DVD disk

Run iFunia Video Converter for Mac and insert DVD into your DVD-ROM. In the following main window, click the DVD icon (which can be found on the top of the app) to load your DVD. This may take up to a minute or two depending on the contents of the DVD and the speed of your optical drive. After the loading is finished, you can preview the DVD content.

load DVD to iFunia Video Converter for Mac

Step 3: Set subtitles for output movies

Just click the edit button, and you will go to the editing interface where all editing functions such as trip, crop, effects, etc. are listed. Click the Subtitles & Audio button and add the subtitle file.

edit video using iFunia Video Converter for Mac

Step 4. Select MKV as output format

Click the format profile icon to open the output format profile window. You can use the Output Format drop-down menu to control the output format. Just select MKV output format.

output formats of ifunia video converter for mac

Step 5. Change MKV video and audio settings

You can change the Resolution, Encoder, Bit rate and Frame rate of the MKV video and Sample Rate, Channels, Encoder and Bit Rate of the MKV Audio. Remember that the output file size mostly depends a lot on these settings.

Step 6. Start DVD to MKV conversion

Finally, convert your DVD to MKV by hitting the conversion button. The convert progress bar shows you how much of the encoding is completed. The encoding time will depend on several variables including: the duration of the video file, the speed of your computer, what other activity your computer is currently doing and the bitrate you set.