The recently released iPhone 8 is perfect for watching HD DVD movies, TV shows, music videos, and more. You might want to use popular video encoding tool Handbrake to put some DVD movies or videos on your new iPad or iPhone 8, but there is no option at present for selecting iPad or iPhone 8 profile for the output format.  Here we put together some presets suggestion optimized for creating both iPad and iPhone 8-optimized video in Handbrake.

Option 1. Handbrake settings for iPhone 8 and iPad using custom optimized presets

1. Installing the custom optimized presets

First, you need to download the presets. Once downloaded just have to import them Handbrake to this end we will just Presets and then to Import, and select the files we downloaded. They should appear in the Handbrake presets panel, available for use.

2. Choosing the right Preset
If you're ripping a DVD you're dealing with standard definition video, so the SD preset is all you'll need. If you're converting HD content, however, you have a choice. You can either convert the content to a full 720p or use the iFrame preset, which will create a file that's approximately 960x540. This is half-1080p resolution and is a size Apple likes to promote for HD content. It's nearly full resolution on your iPad and is as close as you'll get to full resolution on your iPhone 8. This is a good option for saving space if you're planning on watching your videos mainly on the iPad. If you plan on showing them on your television or want a higher-quality file, using the 720p preset may be a better choice.

Kindly note these presets were designed to work with the new iPhone 8 and the iPad. They may not be compatible with other Apple devices.

Option 2. Handbrake settings for iPhone 8 or iPad using Apple TV preset

iPad, iPhone 8 and Apple TV can handle higher resolution, so I recommend use Apple TV preset if you want to make the most of your HD feature and watch HD videos on your iPad or iPhone 8.

1. Import DVD or Video to Handbrake

2. Select Apple TV preset

If you want to rip commercial DVDs, Blu-ray DVD movies excluded, the Apple TV preset is fine. If you need to convert HD videos, you can raise the resolution to 1280 width in picture settings.

Option 3. Handbrake settings for iPhone 8 and iPad using iPod Touch preset

If you want your video to play on all Apple devices, you can use iPod preset. The output file size will be smaller than Apple TV preset, but the picture won't be as good as Apple TV preset. Converting DVD movies and videos to iPad or iPhone 8 with iPod touch preset is similar to using Apple TV preset. Just raise the resolution to 480 height and the output video will work on all Apple.


Encoding can be a particular thing, so while these presets aim for both quality and file size you may have your own preferences. Perhaps there are other applications like DVD to iPad Converter / DVD to iPhone 8 Converter or iPad Video Converter / iPhone 8 Video Converter that make better conversions and provide optimized and direct presets for iPad. Easily convert DVD movies and any format videos to iPad format, without worrying about all the settings.