Q1: How to place an order?

To purchase the software you adore, you need to go to the Purchase page, find that specific program, click the "Buy Now" besides it, and do as told in following pages. We are using SWREG as our online purchasing agent, please click the Buy Now button to order it on line, this will re-direct to SWREG online order form. Please fill out the form and click submit. The registration key will be emailed to you as soon as the order transaction finished. This is usually immediate when paying online by credit card. If you have any problems with the order process, please write to us support@ifunia.com

Q2: Is it secure to purchase from your Website?

Your online orders are secure.

SWREG use SSL encryption for every transaction in order to ensure that your order is secure. SSL encrypts the transmissions from SWREG e-commerce servers as well as your computer.

It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

*How to check if SSL encryption is launched when I buy online?

The URL of SWREG online order form starts with HTTPS, and a lock graphic on the bottom right on the page that indicates the online order form was encrypted with SSL.

Q3: What is the company’s upgrading policy?

Unlike other companies, which charge paid customers for upgrades, we provide every license owner with free life-long free upgrading service. Users can download the latest versions of the programs they have at our website and have them registered with their Registration Keys at no charge, regardless of whether a given update is a minor or major one.

Q4: What payment methods do you support?

  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover,etc)
  • PayPal
  • Phone order and Fax Order
  • Bank Transfer

Q5: How long does it take to have the Registration Key sent to my email box?

The registration key will be emailed to you as soon as the order transaction finished. Add a Registration Backup Service to your purchase is optional. The service will charge additional $4.25 and securely back up your software registation code for ONE year. Since we will backup the registration information for free, we recommend that you UNCHECK the option when checkout. You may, however, sometimes fail to receive the registration emails for several reasons (for detailed reference, please see the questions in Registration section).

Q6: What is "Registration Backup Service"?

The Registration Backup Service is a service offered and charged by SWREG during the purchase of certain software products which require the use of a registration code or key for full access or use. With this service, SWREG retains a backup copy of your registration code, for a period of a year, should you need it again in the event of loss, a computer crash, virus, etc. For the reference on the terms and conditions, please contact SWREG.

Q7: Do I have to purchase the "Registration Backup Service" from SWREG?

No, you do not have to buy the "Registration Backup Service". We do provide all of our customers with Registration Key retrieving service for free. If you lost your keycode, you would be able to get it back from us directly by sending us an email with two simple things: the email address used to receive the registration email at the first place and the invoice or the order number of that very purchase.

Q8: How do I unlock my product with the registration key?

It's very easy to unlock iFunia products, NO need to re-download. Take iFunia Video Converter Pro for example, you can follow the steps below:

1. Simply run the evaluation copy of iFunia Video Converter Pro, and click "Support" --> "Enter Keycode..." from the top menu.
2. Copy the Keycode you received by e-mail, move to Register box, then paste it.

3. Check if the keycode in the Register Box is the same one in your email. Please make sure that there are no space or other invisible characters at the beginning or end of your keycode, and the keycode is case sensitive.
4. Click "Register Now"
5. You'll see the title bar on the top changed from "iFunia Video Converter Pro(Unregistered)" to "iFunia Video Converter Pro (Registered)".

Q9: What is the company’s "return policy"

A " try-before-buy "version lets you make the best purchase decision and make sure that the product is compatible with your computer system and meets all of your specific requirements. We also encourage you to explore the product web pages to obtain comprehensive product information before purchasing the full version. If for any serious reason you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact us sales@ifunia.com within 30 days of the date of purchase for a full refund.

Note: Please provide your order number or other identifying information when sending us the email.

Q10: How to become your reseller or affiliate

We provide reasonable discount for resellers, please contact us sales@ifunia.com for more information.

Q11: What should I do if I purchased the wrong version of a given program (for instance, I need a Windows version of iFunia Video Converter Pro, yet I mistakenly bought its counterpart in Mac version)?

In this case, please delete the wrong software mistakenly downloaded to the computer first. And then please contact us immediately at support@ifunia.com, providing us with the email address used to receive the registration email and either the invoice or the order number of that very purchase. After receiving all the materials, we will switch the products for free and send out a new Registration Key.

Q12: Is it safe to purchase your products at other websites with considerable discounts rather than from your official website?

We do run an affiliate program currently, having a number of authorized distributors selling our products with fine discounts. It is not, however, safe to say all websites out there selling our software are 100 percent secure, as some of them are unauthorized, simply selling defective pirate software without guarantee in quality and stability; and we also do not provide upgrading service and technical support to those copies. Consequently, if you find such websites claiming they are selling our products with huge bucks off, please contact us at sales@ifunia.com for confirmation before taking the next move. We do, however, suggest all users to buy software from our official website directly for guaranteed free upgrading service and free technical support, though there is no problem in buying programs from authorized distributors.

Q13: Why did the order charge me twice?

In this case, please check with your credit card company or your bank again to see whether it is a mistake with the bill. If you were actually charged twice for one order, please contact our payment platform to sort it out. If you did, in fact, order the same product twice, please contact us our support team, and we will issue a refund one of them after the confirmation.

Q14: How do I update my software to the latest version?

On our website when a you see a relatively new version of the program you own(comparing with the version of yours), you can make the update by deleting the current copy from computer, downloading the copy of the latest version, installing it on the computer, and finally registering it with the your Registration Key.

Q15: Do your programs come with user manuals?

We have user manuals containing all the information about using the programs right built in the software. To find them, for Mac users, please click the "Help" on the top bar when the program is launched and select the "Help" from the drop-down list; for Windows users, please click the "Help" on the right upper corner and select the "Help".