So you’ve been making masterpieces on your camera phone or camcorder …but when you get your hands on the video, everything’s upside down! Learning how to rotate a video again is not as easy as you’d think. The entire video has to be converted. If you’re using super-app iFunia Video Converter for Mac, you’ll be really pleased to hear that rotating it back so you can watch it comfortably is really easy. Even better, iFunia Video Converter lets you convert video to any other format to be able to watch it anywhere and anytime.

The newly upgraded iFunia Video Converter for Mac 4 includes functions that let you rotate input video in 90 degree increments and flip horizontally or vertically. Rotating and flipping it back up is easy. Follow these steps below.

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1. Go to iFunia website and get iFunia Video Converter for Mac, an easy yet powerful video conversion program. Download and install.

2. Drag-n-drop to add the video you want to rotate to the conversion list.

iFunia Video Converter for Mac

3. Highlight the video you want to rotate and clicking the edit icon and switch to “Rotate” tab, it should look like this below.

edit video using iFunia Video Converter for Mac
4.  Rotating video in iFunia Video Converter
To rotate video, check the box to enable rotation. Click the counterlockwise rotation 90° or clockwise rotation 90° . It will look like below.

5. Or flipping video in iFunia Video Converter
If you want to flip your video to reflect over a vertical or horizontal plane instead of rotate. You can click the horizontal flip and vertical flip button in the editing window as well.

6. Then click [OK] to close the editing window and back to the main interface. Here you can choose the output format and choose a destination folder for your file and a name. Exporting takes time. Once your clip is done, it should be flipped right side up and in right video format.

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