Subtitles are applied in television and movie programs as captions and explanations. They’re often showed on the bottom of the screen. You don’t have to be a movie buff to appreciate a good foreign film, but unless you know the language, you will need to watch with subtitles. But how?

With strong capability for subtitles adding and enhancement, iFunia Video Converter enables you to match your movie with external subtitle file, say .srt files. Even better, the app lets you convert video and DVD to any other format to be able to watch it anywhere and anytime. Following steps will lead you to add subtitles to a movie or any other video file.

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1. Go to iFunia website and get iFunia Media Converter for Mac, an easy yet powerful video conversion program. Download and install.

2. Drag-n-drop to add the video you want to add subtitle to the conversion list.

edit video using iFunia Video Converter for Mac

3. Highlight the video you want to rotate and clicking the “Edit” image button,  switch to “Subtitles&Audio” tab, it should look like this below.

4. Selecting internal subtitle

If you movie comes different subtitles, you can simply click the subtitle drop-down menu to select the internal subtitle available to that film.

5. Or adding external subtitle

If you’ve got a film that doesn’t have any subtitles at all, you can usually find them at websites like and or by simply checking through a search engine to download a external .srt file.

SRT is perhaps the most basic of all subtitle formats. This format is supported by most software video players. The time format used is hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds, with the milliseconds field precise to three decimal places.

To add .srt, simply click “Load Subtitles” from the drop-down menu to insert the  subtitles in any language which you would like to add to the video or movie.

6. Then click [OK] to close the editing window and back to the main interface. Here you can choose the output format and choose a destination folder for your file and a name. Exporting takes time. Once your clip is done, it should be new subtitled movie and in right video format. And that’s it! As if that was very easy! Hopefully, with a little bit of playing around, you were able to get it to work.

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