Earlier I prepared a simple tutorial – How to Burn a DVD With Subtitles on Mac which helps users to burn videos with subtitles on Mac, even if the subtitles are not available by default. But we never quite told you which are the best subtitle sites to get those subtitles. Here, In this article I’m going to share the top 3 Cool websites for downloading subtitles for movies.

Top 3 Sites to Download Subtitles for Movies

Top 1 subtitle download site: Subscene.com

From all the best subtitle download site over the web, Subscene stands out. With more the 400 thousand subtitles in 50+ languages it is one of the largest subtitles databases on the net. On Subscene.com, you can search movie subtitles by film title or release name, you can filter the search results by languages, and you can also rate or upload movie subtitles. Just remember to enable JavaScript when uploading of downloading subtitles.

Top 2 subtitle download site: Opensubtitles.org

OpenSubitles.org offers more than 820,000 subtitles for DivX movie, it is the website where you can download, upload, request movie subtitles, as well as communicate with other users on their forum and blog. There are over 1.3 million movie subtitles in over 50 languages you can download from OpenSubitles.org. From the website front page, you can easily download the latest subtitles and the most popular subtitles. No registration and totally free to download subtitles for movies here.

Top 3 subtitle download site: Moviesubtitles.org

Moviesubtitles.org also offers multiple-language subtitles for movies, you can search movie subtitles by the latest subtitles, the most downloaded subtitles or the most popular movies. The subtitles in this site are for free and are packed with WinZip, so if you have a Mac, you need install an unpacking tool to extract the subtitles. The common file format of these subtitles is srt.

Once you have the subtitles, you just need to get them into the right folder. If you’re using a media player like VLC, you just need to store the subtitle file in the same folder as the video and VLC will automatically detect it. Other media players, like XBMC also just require that the subtitle file is in the same directory as the movie.