“Being the movie buff that I am, I happen to really enjoy watching movie trailers too. I’m happy to view them on different sites when online (Apple, Yahoo etc), but ultimately I’d like to be able to download them for repeat viewing and more importantly, streaming to the big screen downstairs via the Apple TV. Is there a site, or method, that allows movie trailers to be downloaded and stored rather than just viewed online? Ideally I’d be looking for them to be at 1080p resolution.”

Summer is a great time of year to spend some time watching movies at the theater. And as home theater technology continues to evolve over the years, viewers are learning that a home theater experience using high definition can be far superior to that found in a movie theater. The below is  our step by step guide shows you where to find the the teasers for the biggest 2012 summer movies and how to free download these summer movie trailers.

Part 1. Best Web Sites for Watching Summer Movie Trailers

Movie trailers used to be limited to the theaters themselves: you saw them before the main feature started, and that was usually the only place you could access them. The advent of the Internet has changed that. Today if you want to see the first-peek teasers of the biggest and most eagerly anticipated movies, chances are you’ll see them first on YouTube, iTunes Movie Trailers, or Yahoo! Movie Trailers. These sites offer 1080p HD trailers, but not all allow free movie trailer downloads.

Part 2. How to Free Download Summer Movie Trailers

Two of the most popular sources on the Internet for HD movies trailers are the YouTube Movies and Apple Movie Trailers websites. They both offer many of the latest movie trailers in various hd formats including 480P, 720P and 1080P. So here we’ll show you how to free download summer movie trailers from iTunes and YouTube.

Method 1: Free Download 2012 Summer Movie Trailers from YouTube

At YouTube movie trailer channel you can search and browse hundreds of movie trailers. You can free download the videos in 480p/720p/1080p with iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac.



1. Download Free YouTube Downloader for Mac, then install and launch the program.

2. Open your web browser, go to http://www.youtube.com/trailers, search summer movie trailers you’d like to download on YouTube.com.

3. Drag and drop the URL of the YouTube summer movie trailers to the interface of the YouTube downloader and the YouTube movie trailers will start downloading automatically.

Note: Before you starting download the YouTube summer movie trailers, iFunia YouTube Downloader would let you select the output video formats, like Mp4, webm. I would recommend you select the mp4 as output, as it is a popular video format compatible almost portables and players.


Method 2: Free Download 2012 Summer Movie Trailers from iTunes

iTunes digital media player application allows you organize and play digital media stored on your computer. iTunes also features an iTunes Movie Trailers that lets you download free movie trailers. You can also download movie trailers from iTunes using the iTunes URL, or website. iTunes offers thousands of movie trailers, and you can even select the resolution you want to download the trailer in.


1. Open a web browser on your computer and go to the iTunes movie trailers website.

2. Enter the name of the movie you want to download a trailer for in the search bar of the iTunes movie trailer website. Press the “Return” or “Enter” key on your computer. You can also search for movies by category. Select the trailer you want to download. Most movies offer multiple trailers you can download.

3. Click the down-arrow to the right of the “Watch Now” banner under the movie trailer you want to download. Select the resolution you want the trailer downloaded in. Select the location on the computer where you want to save the file.