If you’re looking to see the most popular YouTube videos of the week, look no further. iFunia is proud to present the first listing of Events This Weekend in March 2013. As always we have searched high and low, near and far to bring you the week’s most-watched videos, hot off the charts via YouTube Trends.

So what did the Web go wild over this week? This Sunday 12 March 2013 is Mother’s Day, We’ve put together a list of 5 of the best mother-related videos on YouTube, Check out our selections below and then share your own mom-related vids in the comments. Oh, yeah, you should probably call her, too.

Three Year Old Mother’s Day Rap

This is the cutest rap. A three year old pays ode to her mother with young school rap. Send this to your mom for a sweet Mother’s Day greeting and a smile. Three Year Old Mother’s Day Rap can be found at Youtube.com. Play it, download it, or email it to your mom for free.[wpdevart_youtube]QLvQPI2DWT8[/wpdevart_youtube]

Here’s To The Moms

Google’s video ads have always had a way of pulling at our heartstrings, and their newly released Mother’s Day promo is no different. Titled “Here’s to the Moms,” the piece is structured as a sweet Mother’s Day letter (composed with Google products, of course), but it quickly transitions to a wide, upbeat celebration of moms around the world.[wpdevart_youtube]cRDyP2DcEds[/wpdevart_youtube]

“Funny Mother’s Day Video” Church Media Today

Would your church be interested in playing this uplifting video on Mother’s Day? Then pass it along and let the Mother’s in your congregation know how much they are appreciated. This funny, biblical and uplifting video highlights the special love a Mother shows for her family. Thank and honor the Mom’s with this catchy and fun sermon illustration rooted in His words.[wpdevart_youtube]qEOO-movXRQ[/wpdevart_youtube]

Motherlover (feat. Justin Timberlake)

Justin Timberlake and Adam Sandburg of The Lonely Island throw away their Dick In A Box boxes and bust out with an ode to their mothers. Okay…maybe you shouldn’t send this one to your mom…unless of course she doesn’t offend easily and she’s a big fan of Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson.[wpdevart_youtube]X0DeIqJm4vM[/wpdevart_youtube]

“My Mother Scares Me” Comedy By Chonda Pierce

Chonda Pierce is one of the funniest female Christian comedians of our day. In this short vignette, Chonda talks about unconditional love and relates it to her mother’s love for her. If you have never experienced the joy and laughter of hearing Chonda Pierce, take a look at this video. It’s just a small sample of what Chonda Pierce has to offer.[wpdevart_youtube]38VtyrJLTfk[/wpdevart_youtube]

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