The quality of YouTube videos on the iPad 3 vary depending on the connection type. The YouTube app automatically downgrades the video quality for 3G/4G data connections. If you own a jailbroken iPad or iPhone, you may use My3G hack to stream HQ YouTube video over 3G/4G network. However, there is an easier way to do so and it doesn’t require jailbreaking.

How to Watch HD YouTube Videos Over 3G/4G on your iPad

Many of you are already aware of how to do this. However, lots of people out there (new iPad 3 users) don’t have a clue about this at all. So if you are in the latter group, read on!

1. Visit in Safari on your iPad.
2. Tap “HQ” and watch videos in high quality over 3G. Enjoy!
3. Tap the “HQ” button below the video to adjust the video quality. When the “HQ” button is red, it means it is displaying high quality video. When the “HQ” button is gray, then you are viewing low quality playback.

Add YouTube Webapp to Home Screen
If you love the user experience, you can install the web app in your home screen. Simply follow the on-screen instruction to install the icon.

Why Abandon the Built-in YouTube App on iPad 3?

The YouTube app is designed specifically to take advantage of all the capabilities of iPad 3. The high-resolution screen makes YouTube videos look amazing, especially those in HD. You can simply use your fingers to play, pause, and advance through a video. Turn iPad sideways and it plays in widescreen. But YouTube app on iPad still has major shortcomings. Below is a case you may have when using YouTube app:

” I just got my iPad yesterday and connected the wifi. Safari, mail, and any other apps that require the internet work perfectly fine and loads fast. But whenever I go to the Youtube app (that comes with the iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.) it says can not connect to youtube. Why does it do this if the wifi connection is strong and everything else is fine?”

How to Watch YouTube HD without Network?

The precondition of watching videos with 3G/4G  is that your iPad can connect the network. If you want to watch video without network, the best way is downloading videos at advance.

There are a few software that focus on downloading YouTube videos on Mac. For example, there’s the iFunia YouTube Downloader for Mac that downloads YouTube videos with appropriate iPad 3 MPeg-4 H.264 format for you. The program also supports to download videos from other websites.

Step 1: Free Download iFunia YouTube Downloader for Mac, install and launch it, after that Find the HD YouTube videos you want to download for iPad.

Step 2: Drag and drop the URL of the HD/1080p YouTube videos to the interface of the YouTube Downloader.
youtube downloader start interface
Step 3: Choose the formats that supported play on iPad at the drop-down box.
youtube downloader mac choose video format and quality

Step 4: Click the down bottom to begin converting the YouTube HD video to iPad 3.

youtube downloader mac download youtube playlist

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  1. Avenged says:

    Does the native app still have to re-encode each video? in which case it should take longer if it does…

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