Video streaming services have been gaining popularity at a steady pace, and it’s easy to see why. You can’t deny the convenience of opening your browser and having all your favorite films and shows available at your fingertips. However, there have also been some issues on that front, like internet providers limiting users’ bandwidth. There are also copyright problems for users who choose to stream through unofficial sites.

In response to that, many people have started to look into the idea of using a VPN for their streaming needs. As a result, the market for VPN services is in better shape than ever. If you’ve been entertaining the idea yourself, you might want to know a few important things about using a VPN for streaming purposes.

Find a Good Subscription

Many VPN services on the market are aimed at people with specific needs, and not all of them are suitable for regular streaming. For example, some providers might limit your connection speed. They may even block streaming altogether, as their services are intended for more “serious” applications, like work.

Usually, these conditions are laid out by each VPN provider. Thus, all you have to do is compare different deals and find out which ones might give you trouble for streaming. When in doubt, get in touch with customer support. Every company worth its salt should respond quickly and let you know if streaming is going to be possible on their platform.

Install the Client on All Your Devices

Your next step should be to verify that you can use your intended VPN service on all devices you have at home and install the relevant client. Some VPN providers offer their own specialized clients that make working with their services even simpler and more straightforward. However, the downside in those cases is that they may not support all devices out of the box.

If you want to run your VPN subscription on an Android phone, for example, you will have to check to verify that Android is supported (here is one that seems to most reliable when it comes to Android VPNs) . You will also need to check the client for that operating system is regularly updated. It might be possible to connect manually without the specialized client in some cases, but this is something else you’ll need to sort out with the VPN provider well in advance.

Check Your Connection Before Streaming

If you’re using a VPN to circumvent any restrictions imposed by your carrier or ISP, make sure to verify that you’re connected every time you’re about to watch something. This should become a habit to you, especially in cases where even one infraction could have severe repercussions.

This is particularly true for people intending to stream from sites that may feature pirated materials. Some countries are quite strict towards this type of internet use. Thus, you will want to be sure that you’re under the protection of your VPN connection in those cases. Every operating system should have an easily accessible indicator that shows whether you’re currently connected over VPN or not.

Is Torrenting Safe Too?

We already mentioned piracy a couple of times, but it’s important to dispel some myths about the relationship between VPNs and copyrighted content. While a VPN will mask your original IP address and will conceal your location, it’s still not a 100% guarantee that nobody is going to come after you.

If you’re downloading the occasional film or TV show episode, you’re probably safe. But if your activities start to spill over into the area of producing and distributing pirated materials, you might attract enough attention that companies and law enforcement agencies will go through the trouble of requesting your details from your VPN provider. However, some providers follow a no-logs policy, so this is close to impossible when using their services. But even if you’re using a service that guarantees anonymity, there might still be enough traces from your activity to allow your pursuers to figure out your identity.

Other than that, though, if you only need your VPN for regular streaming and you don’t plan on engaging in any illegal activities through it, it’s the perfect solution for making your streaming experience even better. It’s a small price to pay on top of what you’re already paying for the various streaming services that you’re subscribed to. Moreover, it also has many additional benefits that extend beyond streaming, making it an ideal investment for many everyday computer users who want to feel a bit more secure.