Ashley emailed us about how to rip videos from YouTube in high quality on a Mac? His kids wanna to see their favourite YouTube videos on summer holidays.

Answer: Rip video/audio from YouTube videos is useful if you want to rewatch the videos later on your computer. Many websites and programs cater to downloading YouTube videos, but not all of them offer high-quality or high-definition downloading capabilities.

iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac is the best choice. Apart from its free YouTube video downloading ability, this free YouTube Ripper for Mac also capable of downloading all YouTube videos in whatever format or resolution, including YouTube HD/SD video, even YouTube HTML5 videos.



Download iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac now

Here is how to rip videos from YouTube in HQ on Mac

Step 1. Search for YouTube HD Videos

Navigate to YouTube, find the HD YouTube video you’d like to download. After that install iFunia YouTube Ripper for Mac. Drag and drop the URL of the HD YouTube videos to the interface of the YouTube ripper.

youtube downloader start interface

Step 2. Start Ripping Video/Audio from YouTube on Mac

The YouTube Ripper will start Ripping videos from YouTube automatically after you add the video URLs. Make sure your Internet is connected to YouTube website and the URLs of YouTube videos are correct. You’re able to ripping multiple YouTube videos all at once.

youtube download download playlist

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5 Responses to How to Rip Videos from YouTube in HQ

  1. jackyshaikh says:

    Just add fmt=18 or 6 in internet explorer and view the cache after the video loaded. If you arrange by size it usually shows up on the bottom. Very easy.

  2. lordsmurf says:

    Youtube is hardly what you’d call “high quality”.
    More like “acceptable for a small window in a web browser” quality.

  3. Simon says:

    Or just go to “activity” and double click on the active file and whatever you are streaming downloads by itself..

  4. codechan says:

    If you want to downlaod the high quality version of YouTube videos, all you need to do is locate the page source and add the video ID for the high quality version.

  5. MikesTooLz says:

    Its also easy to just save them on the PC and sync them over since youtube is now using mp4 to stream in html5

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