Apple released a Movie Trailers feature for their iMovie ’11 video editing software. Last year, I spent Christmas with friends, and I wanted to show my appreciation for letting me into their home to share this special holiday. I thought it might be fun to try out the Movie Trailers feature. I’m glad to share with you a guide which hopefully would help you create Christmas-style movie trailers with iMovie Christmas theme 2017.

Making it was really simple since I shot several clips of B-roll. Most of them were no longer than five seconds, though one, a Christmas pageant, was fifteen minutes. Apple’s iMovie ’11 did the rest. it really lived up to its promises as it took no more than 5 minutes to have the movie trailer ready! If you’re ready to make a Christmas movie trailer as gift, Follow the steps to create your own movie trailer in iMovie ’11. Word and photo description are both used so that you can better understand it.

Part 1. Choose a Movie Trailer Template

Start by going to the “File” menu to create a “New Project”. After that, the template window will open. There are fifteen Movie Trailer templates you can use in your project. In the Project Themes window, select a Chritsmas movie trailer theme. You can preview the theme in the right by double-click it. Here you can customize the trailer project name, set the aspect ratio and frame rate of the movie trailer theme. Click “Create” when you’ve set your heart on one template.

Part 2. Add the Christmas Video Clips to the Storyboard

The next step is to import the short clips that you want to use in your project. Go to the “File – Import” menu. You can also import your movies directly from any connected camera.

If you’ve already imported movies into iMovie ’11, you can select it from the Event Library. If you haven’t added videos to iMovie ’11 yet, you can go to File > Import > Import Movies to load movies to iMovie ’11. When importing videos to iMovie ’11, you may find some video formats are not supported by iMovie since iMovie only support some MP4, MOV and M4V file, and you will need a Mac Video Converter to convert the videos to iMovie supported videos first. If you want to import DVD movies in iMovie ’11, you can use a Mac DVD Ripper to rip the DVD first.

Part 3. Start Creating You Own Christmas Movie Trailers

Now let’s start our main event. Go to the “Project” pane, and customize your project’s information under the “Outline” tab. Next, move to the “Storyboard” tab. Here’s where the magic happens. All you have to do to create your trailer is click on the scenes on the storyboard, then browse and click on the scenes from imported movies.

Try to match the scenes between the storyboard and the movie clips. For example, if the storyboard says “Action”, pick an action scene from the movie clip. After you have filled all the scenes on the storyboard, iMovie will tell you that your trailer is complete.

Part 4. Share You First Christmas Movie Trailers with Friends

If you love to record your life in short videos, then you should try to compile the clips into movie trailers and share them with your friends and family. It’s better than leaving them on your hard drive collecting virtual dust. Go to the “Share” menu and choose one of the sharing methods you want to use. For example, if you want to save the movie to your hard drive, choose “Export Movie”.

Another possible exporting method that you can choose is to send the Christmas trailer to YouTube. Log in with your YouTube account, complete the information, and choose the movie quality. After that you can upload the video. The time needed for the uploading process will depend on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of your movie. When the movie is uploaded, iMovie will tell you the URL. You can share it with your friends using email or by viewing it on the YouTube site.


YouTube can support many different video formats, however in most cases you may need to compress the videos before uploading to YouTube website. If you do not think your current video file format is supported by YouTube, you may get the best uploading results from converting your file to the best format for YouTube(say MPEG4 video with MP3 audio) with iFunia Video Converter for Mac.

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