I have found more and more mkv movie files, and they play fine in vlc player and has a really nice picture, but it is very rarely that the movie has subtitles, so my question is: is there a program that allows you to add subtitles on a mkv movie file? or should I take the long time and convert it to another file? and if, what file? 

At times you may have source of downloaded MKV movies and TV films which are without subtitles or with subtitle in foreign language. To better understand the actors, it’s necessary to add some subtitles to the videos. In this tutorial here, I will describe how to permanently add a subtitle file into a MKV file with iFunia Video Converter for Mac.

iFunia Video Converter for Mac is an effective subtitle to video converter, which can add subtitles to any video, or convert other video formats to MKV with subtitles, even convert MKV to MP4, MOV and more, also the subtitled movie will play on almost anything, like your computer, Smartphone, portable device, or game console. It also has a built-in player, so you can watch the subtitled movie directly within Video Converter for Mac.

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This guide applies to:

• Add subtitles to MKV or other videos without changing the video format and quality;
• Convert MKV with subtitles as well as convert MKV to other video format like AVI, MP4 and etc;
• Add subtitles to MKV on Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Tiger.
• Add subtitles to other video format like embed subtitles to MKV, VOB, MPG, WMV, AVI and etc;

Step 1. Import MKV videos to add subtitles

Directly drag and drop the source MKV files to the Mac app. Batch conversions are supported, so you are able to add several video files for converting. You can also add files by clicking the click the Media Browser icon at the upper right corner.

iFunia Video Converter for Mac

Note: This Mac video converter has a broad format support which enables you to convert videos in MKV, AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV etc. that’s to say, if you wanna add subtitles to a movie in a format which doesn’t support subtitle, like AVI, you can use the Mac Converter to convert the video to MP4, MKV or other proper format and add subtitles to the video.

Step 2. Add subtitle to MKV files

Highlight the video you want to add subtitle and clicking the edit icon, you will switch to “Subtitles & Audio” tab, it should look like this below.

edit video using iFunia Video Converter for Mac

Selecting internal subtitle
If you movie comes different subtitles, you can simply click the subtitle drop-down menu to select the internal subtitle available to that film.

Adding external subtitle
If you’ve got a film that doesn’t have any subtitles at all, you can usually find them at websites like MovieSubtitles.org and AllSubs.org or by simply checking through a search engine to download a external .srt file.

Note: This app allows you to view the effect in real time. First hit the video item bar in the left pane, and then press the play button under the preview window in the right side.

Step 3. Start converting video

If you want to convert your MKV video to other formats, just highlight the file you want to convert and click the format adjacent to it, a list would show up below which you can choose the format you want. Select the desired output and click the convert button, that’s done!

How to Find and Download Subtitles for Video Files?

Get the subtitles from the following popular subtitle provider sites where you can find subtitles for the most popular movies and TV films and the subtitles are available in multiple languages.

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