LoudTronix is one of the most popular music player and downloader services that is based online. This site is known for its huge collection of songs and its ability to download and convert YouTube videos. It is completely free of costs and requiring no registration or subscription. You just visit the website and start searching and downloading.

What’s the official LoudTronix site now (2019)?

Though LoudTronix is popular among music lovers, the way it serves MP3 downloads to users is not legal and it has been geo-restricted in many countries, many people find they can’t open the official site of LoudTronix. and in this situation, many “LoudTronix” web site appeared online, such as www.loudtronix.com, www.loudtronix.me, loudtronix.co, etc. So, which one is the official site?

After testing and asking the Reddit users, we find loudtronix.co is the official site of LoudTronix, so please download and search for music from this site.

Part 1. What Is  LoudTronix?

Loud tronix is a free online search engine for music. You can search the most popular songs, new release music, or just choose music videos from LoudTronix TOP 100 list. The website is open to all music lovers, and all music fans can download songs from this site. It even works as a free YouTube music downloader, where you can copy and paste the YouTube video URL and download the music in MP3.

Key Features of LoudTronix

No Signup Required
Loudtronix is a free online music searching and downloading website, you don’t need to sign up to it in order to download music or convert Youtube videos to MP3. All you need is head to the site and start downloading your favorite music.

Free Of Cost, No Hidden Fees
LoudTronix is free for all persons. There is no subscription charge of any kind either. You can free download hundreds of music videos free of cost with the help of Loud tronix .

Good Quality Audio
When downloading music, one can easily choose the audio quality from low to high. The result was as same a the audio quality of the original video.

No Download No. Limit
Many online site have limit on the number of music one can download, well, Unlike those online sites, Loudtronix doesn’t have a limit on numbers of songs one can download.

Simple and clutter-free Interface
Loudtronix has an intuitive site layout which is suitable for music downloads it searches music quickly base on artist, country, tracks and more. and display music and quality before downloading.

Convert YouTube Videos To MP3
One of the most popular features of Loudtronix is it’s the ability to download and convert YouTube video to MP3, one just need to paste the URL of the video and all else is handled by Loudtronix.

How to free download MP3 music from LoudTronix

Now it’s time to understand how to use LoudTronix to download and convert YouTube video to MP3. It is pretty easy. Let’s get started.
1. First of all, go to YouTube, search for the video you want to download.
2. Then go to loudtronix.co and paste the URL of the youtube video to loudtronix.co
2. After that click “download mp3”.
3. Then select a quality for the video, it up to your choice. low is fast with low quality. high is slow with high quality and here we use standard.
4. then it will start to download the video, sometimes it’s immediate, sometimes it extremely slow.
5. After downloading, just click download mp3 to download the music from loudtronix.

Is downloading mp3 from LoudTronix illegal?

Yes, and no. This remains a confusing question. Though YouTube says ‘stream-ripping’ is a violation of their Terms of Service. But nobody has been sued for this (yet).

LoudTronix doesn’t have any song or music file on their own server. It only provides way to find music online from other site, and that includes YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc. It can be used in a Legal way as well as illegal.

When LoudTronix is Legal
Some music files are copyrighted, some are not. if you are downloading royalty-free music, or if the artists freely give away and provide the songs for download on the internet. In this situation, LoudTronix and You both are safe.

When LoudTronix is Illegal
When you are downloading copyrighted music, You and LoudTronix both are involving in an illegal activity.

So the safe bet here is to avoid downloading copyrighted works.

Is LoudTronix safe to use?

In a Reddit post, some one asked it LoudTronix safe to visit and download, well in the post the the majority of users says the site is safe to use and virus free, just make sure you are visiting the official site of  LoudTronix.

LoudTronix alternative

LoudTronix is geo blocked in my city is there any alternative sites that also supports music downloading from YouTube.
Just like movie download site, LoudTronix may be blocked in some place, in case like this one can use a alternative site or tool to download MP3 from YouTube and here we recommend iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac.

iFunia Free YouTube Downloader – Easily Download music and videos from YouTube
1. Download videos from YouTube and other 1000+ video or music sharing sites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, Spotify, VEVO, Facebook, etc.

2. Directly download YouTube video as MP3.

3. Supports download YouTube playlist, channel and category in batch.

4. Download YouTube playlist in one go.

5. Optimize audio quality using advanced technology.

Simple Steps to Download MP3 Music using LoudTronix Downloader

Step 1: Download and install iFunia free YouTube Download for Mac. After then, launch the software.

Free Download

Step 2: Open youtube.com and find the music video you want to download. Copy and paste the url of the video to iFunia free YouTube Downloader.

for playlist, just find the playlist and paster the url of the playlist, it will download music from the playlist in batch.

ifunia youtube downloader 01

Step3. After this the app will start downloading the music video, just choose mp3 as the output format, when it’s ready it will navigate you to the output file.