Concert DVDs and music videos may have soundtracks you love, but you can’t always take them with you. Luckily, You can extract audio segments from clips if you want to remix or create new audio clips for your project. While there are a bunch of methods you could try, we’re going to focus on three: OS X Lion’s built-in encoder, Lion’s QuickTime Player and a third-party program called iFunia Media Converter for Mac.

Note: There are many ways to get from DVD/video file to audio file on Mac OS X. This article covers three ways to do it. If you think there’s a better/easier way to do it, post it in the comments section.

Part 1: Using iFunia Media Converter to Extract Audio

If you wanna extract audio from video files in FLV, AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV and more, even from your DVDs, you can use iFunia Media Converter for Mac. This Mac app can extract audio from video in all popular formats and DVDs, and enables you to save your audio in MP3, AAC, M4A and more. Both DVD/video conversion and audio conversion are supported.

Free Download iFunia Media Converter for Mac Now

To export the entire audio track of a video/DVD file follow these steps:

1. Drag the video file from the Finder onto the iFunia Media Converter window. Alternatively, you can open the file by clicking the Media Browser icon at the upper right corner.

iFunia Video Converter for Mac

2. Open the format list and select the output format;

output formats of iFunia Video Converter for Mac

3. Once you’ve got all your videos queued up, Click “Start” and you are ready to listen to your file!

Part 2: Extract M4A audio from video in MP4, MOV, M4V and MPG (Lion only)

Mac audio extraction now can be very simple if you have a Mac running Mac OS X Lion. The new Mac system gains the ability to extract audio from video files. This new media encoding feature is directly built into the Finder. But this doesn’t mean you can extract audio from all video files but only videos in MOV, MP4, MPG and M4V, and the extracted audio files normally are saved as 256kbps M4A files.

To convert video to audio track directly on your Mac OS X Lion, you can:

1. Right-click the video you wanna converted; Select “Encode Selected Video Files” at the bottom of the pop-up menu;

2. Then you will see an “Encode Media” window, go to Setting and choose “Audio Only”

3. Click on “Continue” or uncheck “Same as source file” to customize the output destination;

4. Once you click the button of Continue, you will instantly get the extracted M4A audio track. The new track is named as the same as the original video file. And if you double click the audio track, the file will be opened via iTunes.

Part 3: Extract audio from any video using QuickTime Player

If you are using Mac OS X 10.7 Lion then you can easily use QuickTime Player to extract M4A from any video files. The only thing you might have to do first is download and install Perian – a popular free plugin that makes QuickTime compatible with all kinds of video formats. If you don’t install Perian, QuickTime will only open certain files. (Note: As Perian Plug-in for QuickTime will be discontinued soon, users can still get things done by downloading Video Converter for Mac, or VLC )

To export the entire audio track of a video file (not a DVD), follow these steps:

1. Now open the video from which you want to extract audio (M4A) with QuickTime Player.
2. Now navigate to File > Export. When the Export window comes up, select “Audio Only” from the Format drop-down menu. Name your file and click Export. Select “Audio Only” from the format drop-menu in pop-up. Choose any name for your file and click Export.

P.S. If your video is too long you can trim output file by navigating through Edit > Trim. The yellow box shows your stat and end time. Save it and follow 2rd step.
Hurray! You have successfully extracted audio (M4A) from video file. Now you can use it with iTunes and sync it on your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

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3 Responses to Extract Audio from Any Video/DVD Files on Mac OS X

  1. dthreelvl says:

    You forgot to mention the Remote app.

  2. Discusdan says:

    vlc will play just about anything. Simple interface, no heavy graphics ( though you can get skins that look cool), small memory footprint, and always free of adware, toolbars to install etc. (Just one that’s an easy opt out for google). Extreme versatility from all audio video formats, to ripping cd, DVD, file format conversions and extractions.

  3. Mari says:

    Can you use this program to extract audio from a Powerpoint Presentation?

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