Have you got a collection of videos up on YouTube which gone missing from your local backups? Now you can grab the originals from Google Takeout. It is now offering the ability to download the original versions of your videos i.e the format in which they were uploaded on YouTube. The Data Liberation Front has added the ability for users to download the videos they’ve uploaded to YouTube back down in their original format: “your videos in. your videos out”.

How To Download YouTube Videos In Original Format Using Google Takeout

Step 1: Go to Google Takeout, Click on Create Archive button. Google will start creating an archive’s files of all video which you have uploaded in YouTube. Building an archive file may take some time, depending on the file size and number of videos.

Step 2: Once the archive is complete showing 100% status, you can proceed to download by clicking on Download button. In case the file size is greater than 2GB then Google Takeout will split them into the individual file of 2GB each.

Drawback: Google Takeout doesn’t provide any option to choose individual videos from YouTube.

Download Other Videos From YouTube Using iFunia YouTube Downloader

This update does not allow you to download just any video you find on YouTube – that’s not the situation in the least. Instead it’s an expansion of your ability to keep your own videos that you yourself uploaded. If you want to download other videos from YouTube, iFunia Free YouTube Downloader is the all in one YouTube downloader for you to download YouTube videos directly to your Mac drive.

youtube downloader mac interface

1. Download Free YouTube Downloader for Mac, then install and launch the program.
2. Open your web browser, go to you and search the video clips you’d like to download.
3. Drag and drop the URL of YouTube videos to the interface of the YouTube Downloader and the videos will start downloading automatically.


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4 Responses to Download YouTube Videos in Their Original Format

  1. Cexarroff says:

    Brilliant app. Thanx to the developer for making it free.

  2. siffApaks says:

    Scanned and tested. No viruses or other issues. Works on all videos I have tried it on. A little slow, but very reliable.

    I recommend it.

  3. jurgen says:

    well, great tool to download youtube videos.
    it is what i am looking for.

  4. firoj siddiqui says:

    it,s best downloder

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