It’s common for Twitch streamers and viewers to download past broadcasts (commonly called VODs) on Twitch for later viewing, archiving or uploading to other platforms. This article will show you different ways to easily download Twitch VODs and clips on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS in 2019.

This article will cover how to:

  • Download Twitch VODs on Mac and Windows
  • Download Twitch VODs online
  • Download Twitch VODs using browser extensions
  • Download Twitch VODs on mobile
  • Download your own VODs using Twitch’s Video Manager

The VOD (video on demand) feature makes it easy for saving and watching past streamed content on Twitch. Both past broadcasts and highlights (which are created from broadcasts) can be referred to as VODs. In the past, there was an option for streamers to save VODs forever. Nowadays Twitch only saves a streamer’s VODs for 14 to 60 days, depending on the type of account he or she has. It’s a good idea to download Twitch VODs because expired VODs will be deleted automatically.

Download Twitch VODs on Mac

It’s easy to download Twitch VODs of your own or someone else’s on Mac using iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac. Despite its name, the app also supports over 1000 other websites such as Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

This Twitch video downloader enables you to quickly download VODs and other Twitch videos, individually or in batch, in various quality levels available including the Source quality (such as HD 1080p or 4K 2160p).

In addition to VODs, it can also download clips, highlights, uploads and other videos on Twitch.

iFunia Free YouTube Downloader main features and benefits:

  • Download all Twitch videos such as VODs and clips
  • Over 1000 supported sites including YouTube
  • Batch download mode
  • High download speed
  • Support for downloading videos in 1080p, 4K or higher
  • Download audio only
Free Download

Step 1. Download and install the app on your Mac. Launch it.

ifunia youtube downloader interface

Step 2. Go to To add a Twitch VOD to the download list, just drag its thumbnail into the app’s interface. Alternatively, you can copy the URL and click the add icon. To download in batch, just add multiple VODs.

Step 3. From the Format dropdown list, select the format (such as MP4) and quality level (such as 1080p) you need. To download Twitch VODs on Mac, click the download icon.

downloading Twitch VODs on Mac

Once it’s finished, you can click the folder icon to find the downloaded Twitch VODs.

Pro Tip: To download multiple Twitch VODs at one time, you can also go to File > Input URLs in the menu bar on the top of the screen on your Mac. There, you can paste a list of Twitch VOD URLs, one URL on each line.

input multiple Twitch VODs URLs to download

Download Twitch VODs on Windows

Thanks to Twitch Leecher, it’s super easy to download Twitch TV VODs on Windows. This app is created especially for the purpose of downloading Twitch videos on PC. It’s free and open-source. You can get the latest version of the app on its GitHub page.

Step 1. Install Twitch Leecher on your PC. Open it. The interface is simple and easy to understand. Click the Search button.

Step 2. In your browser, go to the Twitch channel from which you want to download VODs. Go to Videos > Showing > Past Broadcasts.

Step 3. Find the VOD you need, right-click the video thumbnail. Click Copy Link Address. Alternatively, you can open the VOD and copy URL from the address bar.

Step 4. Go back to Twitch Leecher. Under Search, click URLs and paste the URL. To download more than one Twitch VOD, just repeat the process. Click Search at the bottom of the interface.

download VODs from Twitch on Windows

Step 5. Click Download in the top menu. Select a video. Now you can select quality level and destination folder and edit filename if needed. The Crop Video function can be useful when it comes to downloading long videos, say, Twitch VODs over three hours.

select quality level and destination folder

Step 6. Click the Download button.

This Twitch video downloader also enables you to download Twitch VODs from one same channel without coping and pasting video links.

In the Search window, click the Channel button. In the Channel Name field, enter your own or some else’ channel name. To download past streamed content on Twitch, select the option Broadcast. There are also options to download Twitch highlights and uploads. You can also specify the date range and the number of VODs to download, which is very convenient. Click Search.

Quick Summary

Different from Twitch clips and highlights which are often short in length, most VODs are multiple hours long. The best way to save Twitch VODs to computer is to use desktop video downloaders which can deliver high download speed and steady performance. The two apps recommended above are among the best of their kind.


  • Free and easy to use
  • Download Twitch VODs with high speed
  • Provide batch download mode
  • Provide multiple format options and quality levels
  • Support Twitch VODs, clips, highlights and uploads, etc.
  • Offer high performance even with very long VODs


  • Require software installation

Download Twitch VODs online


  • Free and handy
  • No need to install any software
  • Work on almost all platforms such as Windows and iOS
  • Can download Twitch videos including VODs


  • Don’t allow batch download
  • Relatively low speed
  • Some online downloaders may have potentially harmful popups or ads

You can also download Twitch VODs using online apps. One advantage of this method is the wide compatibility. It works for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

There are a number of web-based apps that claim they allow users to download VODs from Twitch, but most of them can’t really do the job. We found some online Twitch VODs downloaders by googling and tested them one by one. Only a few of them actually support downloading Twitch VODs.

Clip Converter is one of the best online apps that you can use to download VODs from Twitch. It also supports some other websites such as YouTube and Facebook.

Copy the link address of the Twitch VOD you’d like to download. Go to Paste the link and click the Continue button. Note that clicking Continue may take you to a potentially dangerous website.

Once the app finishes analyzing the URL, it will list the detected versions of the VOD available for download, including the Source version. Select the one you need and edit file name if needed. Choose the desired video or audio format. Click Start. When the conversion process is completed, click the Download button to download past broadcasts from Twitch.

download Twitch VODs online using Clip Converter

It’s a free online video downloader and converter that supports Twitch and a few other sites. It allows you to download Twitch videos including VODs to MP4 and some other common video and audio formats. There are a few advanced options like Cut video and Resize video. You can also adjust things like codec and video bitrate.

Visit Copy and paste a Twitch VOD URL. Click Start. Once it finished analyzing link address, it will list video information and all the basic and advanced options. Select the output resolution and format you need. Click Convert. You can use this online Twitch video downloader to download Twitch VODs in various quality levels such as full HD, HD and SD.

download Twitch videos online with saveclipbro

Download Twitch VODs using browser extensions


  • Easy and handy to use
  • No need to copy and paste URLs


  • Low download speed
  • Most extensions don’t support downloading VODs

It’s common for people to download videos using browser extensions and add-ons. There are a few extensions enable users to save Twitch videos, but most of them don’t support Twitch VODs.

We installed and tested all the Twitch video downloaders we can find in the Chrome Web Store along with a few other video downloaders available there. Only two of them can download Twitch VODs: Video Downloader PLUS and All Video Downloader Professional. The two of them have very similar interfaces and work in the same way. Here we will take the former as an example.

Install Video Downloader PLUS on your Chrome, Firefox or Opera. It will add an icon in the browser toolbar. Open a Twitch VOD, and click the icon. A window will pop up listing different resolution levels for you to select. Choose the quality you need and click the Start Record button. It will start fetching video content from Twitch. When the VOD is ready for download, click Stop Record.

download Twitch VOD via chrome extension

Download Twitch VODs on mobile

On Android

If you want to download VODs from Twitch to your mobile devices, in addition to using web-based or browser-based tools, you can also use mobile apps designed for video download. Android users can use All Video Downloader.

Download and install All Video Downloader on your Android device. Tap Browse at the bottom of the interface. Enter in the address bar. Search and find the Twitch VOD you want to download. Open it. Tap the red download icon at the lower right corner. Look for a small gray download icon and tap it. You can tap Progress to see the downloading progress. It downloads videos in background and will notify users when the videos are downloaded completely.

download Twitch VODs and clips on Android

Pro Tip: You can change download directory in settings. Tap the three-dot icon at the upper right corner, tap Download Directory and select a folder.

On iOS

To download Twitch videos on iPhone and iPad, you can try Documents by Readdle. The process will be a bit complicated. Below is how.

Install Documents on your iPhone or iPad. Open it. Tap the Safari icon to access the built-in browser feature. Visit a website that can download Twitch videos, say SaveClipBro. Paste a Twitch VOD link address and let the online app download the VOD. When the download is completed, go back to Documents’s main interface. Tap the Downloads folder where you will find the downloaded VOD.

To move the downloaded Twitch VOD to a folder of your choice, tap the three-dot icon below the video thumbnail. Select Share > Save to Files > On My iPhone, and choose any folder you prefer.

download VODs from Twitch to iPhone

Download your own VODs using Twitch’s Video Manager

Twitch makes it convenient for streamers to download their own VODs. If you are new to Twitch, please note that by default Twitch will not automatically save your past streams. You need to enable the function first. Here’s a how-to guide on the official site.

Step 1. Go to your Twitch channel. Click the profile dropdown menu and select Video Manager.

Step 2. By default, it will take you to Past Broadcasts. Find a VOD you want to download. Click the More dropdown list. Click Download. It’s that easy.

To download Twitch clips, click Clips in the left column. Click the video clip you want to save to your device. Right-click the thumbnail and select the option Save video as.

Pro Tip: In addition to downloading Twitch VODs, another great way for streamers to archive past broadcasts is to create highlights from VODs. Twitch will save highlights indefinitely.

Wrapping Up

Streamers can effortlessly save their own Twitch VODs to computer using Video Manager. For both streamers and viewers, there are also third-party methods to easily save Twitch VODs, clips and other videos from any channel. If you download VODs on a regular basis, desktop software like iFunia Free YouTube Downloader can be the best choice due to the remarkable capability to download long videos. Currently there’s no directly way to download Twitch VODs with chat. If needed, you can try to record streams and chats.