Starting in just a few weeks time, the 2012 European Championships, or the 2012 UEFA Euro tournament, will be the 14th European Championship for national football teams organised by UEFA. The final tournament will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine between 8 June and 1 July 2012.

If you can’t get to Poland and Ukraine, do the next best thing. View the games live on YouTube UEFA Euro channel, Not only can you watch live game footage, you can also view the scoring summary for the entire series, access player injury reports and player statistics. For users who have a bad network connection they can even free download the UEFA Euro 2012 HD YouTube videos to Mac for offline enjoyment or view the UEFA Euro 2012 YouTube HD videos on the go with iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, etc.

Things You’ll Need

To save UEFA Euro 2012 HD videos from YouTube, two tasks should be solved: YouTube video downloading and converting. There are a few software that focus on free downloading YouTube videos on Mac. For example, the Free YouTube Downloder for Mac from iFunia is just the UEFA Euro 2012 YouTube Video Downloader for you to download your preferred 2012 European Championship videos from YouTube on Mac. Here are the easy steps for Mac users on how to use the product.

Download iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac now



Step 1. Run iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac

Go to YouTube and find your favorite UEFA Euro 2012 HD video, Copy&Paste the URL of UEFA Euro 2012 HD YouTube video to this program; you may add as many UEFA Euro 2012 HD YouTube video URLs as you want for saving onto your Mac.


Step 2. Start Downloading UEFA Euro 2012 HD YouTube Videos

The UEFA Euro 2012 HD YouTube videos will start downloading automatically after you add the UEFA Euro tournament YouTube video URLs. You’re able to download multiple YouTube videos all at once.

youtube downloader mac download youtube playlist

Step 3. Open the UEFA Euro 2012 HD YouTube Videos

At the right of each video, click the folder icon, you can get the place where the downloaded videos saved. Now you can find the UEFA Euro HD YouTube videos to watch.


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6 Responses to Download the UEFA Euro 2012 HD Videos from YouTube

  1. arslion says:

    Hi I am from UK. I tried viewing the new youtube shows and films categories (avail. only in US). There is no watch? part in these url? Any suggestions how to bypass this problem?

  2. Lewand says:

    why you need to download it? when you can watch the live?

  3. Alex says:

    Will this work on Roku? Is there an add code?

  4. Liieznhha says:

    workz fine

  5. botezuri says:

    does this work on ipad

  6. Gabo says:

    WTF!!! YouTube videos bufefr very very slowly now! In fact I don’t even think that they BUFFER anymore, it just plays for 30 sec. 2 min. then just freezes up for 10 20 seconds! I used to just be able to pause and A.F.K. for a while but NooOOoo YouTube has go on and screw that up!

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