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How to Overcome YouTube Geo-Blocking Restrictions

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Over 1.3 billion users access content on YouTube. With 300 hours of media uploaded each hour and 5 billion views each day, it is safe to say that many want to enjoy everything YouTube has to offer. While YouTube clearly has plenty of content, not all of YouTube [...]

Top 5 Best HTML5 Video Players | Free HTML5 Video Player

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One of the most exciting buzz these days in web circles is about HTML5 and specifically video on HTML5. HTML5 Video players is one of the most notable new features in HTML5. It allows you to embed video without the use of flash. HTML5 video player tag is [...]

Download and Play 1080p Full HD Movies from iTunes

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Apple now offers 1080P HD video rentals and purchases in iTunes, but it's important to note that the iTunes Store has not seen a wholesale updating of HD content into 1080p. Much like the SD-HD divide, many shows continue to be available only in the older 720p resolutions, [...]