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How to Download YouTube 1080p Videos without Losing Quality

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1080p remains quite popular and preferred despite 4K being the big thing. High definition 720p (1280×720px) videos already offer a good quality with great clarity. And Full HD 1080p (3840×2160px) videos deliver even better quality, improved clarity and realisticness. In this article, we will talk about how to [...]

Download Funny Baby Videos for Free

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Babies – they’re hilarious. It is almost impossible not to be affected by the purity of their joy, so it’s no surprise that some of the most popular videos on YouTube are baby videos. That’s what brings us to the second part of our YouTube funny video series. Here [...]

Guide to Aashiqui 2 Songs Free Download with Lyrics

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"I love watch 1080p HD Bollywood movies, and the newly released Aashiqui 2 impressed me a lot. The music of Aashiqui-2 is no less than brilliant, I was humming the songs when I came out despite hearing them very first time so surely they are intoxicating. I'd like [...]

How to Download All Videos from YouTube Playlist or Channel with Ease

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Recently I ended up finding some Thanksgiving recipes on YouTube which merged in a playlist. I needed the tutorial as I’m preparing to give my family a big surprise on that day, I only know the basics. It can be time-consuming and irritating to download all videos from YouTube [...]

YouTube Downloader Not Working? Here’s a Solution

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There are many people who use YouTube downloader to download YouTube videos and other downloadable flash content from video sharing websites like Dailymotion, Spotify, Vimeo, etc. Unfortunately, YouTube keeps making changes to the website which breaks all YouTube download applications. It's a normal phenomenon that 'YouTube downloader not [...]

Download YouTube Videos in Their Original Format

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Have you got a collection of videos up on YouTube which gone missing from your local backups? Now you can grab the originals from Google Takeout. It is now offering the ability to download the original versions of your videos i.e the format in which they were uploaded [...]

2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony Free Download

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London Olympic is one of the biggest event in the world of sports. Millions of people will watch it Online on YouTube, NBC website, TV Channels and more. For those who don't own a television for summre Olympics on NBC, online live streaming from Internet is the best [...]

How to Free Download Gangnam Style Video from YouTube

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With 520 million views since its July 15 release, “Gangnam Style” has catapulted well into YouTube’s list of most watched video and most watched K-pop video. Psy's eccentric song-and-dance sensation has inspired a herd of YouTube knockoffs, starring Navy midshipmen, cartoon ponies, and Gandalf,etc. Every time we stumble [...]