It is not a difficult task to play MP4 videos on Mac, but if you want an user-friendly MP4 player to dig out joy as much as possible on your high-quality display, especially your Retina display, that would be very smart of you.

There are a lot of free MP4 players designed for mac users, here we will guide you to the best free MP4 player for mac in 2020 and help you free download for MP4 playing.

Users’ Pick in 2020: iFunia Media Player

With a ranking of top 10 in Mac AppStore for more than 5 years, iFunia Media Player has obtained a lot of users due to its simplicity and outstanding playing performance.

iFunia Media Player is a mac media tool to play both videos and audios with ease, it supports playing all kinds of media file and allows users to control the playback as simply as they expect.

Main Features of iFunia Media Player

  • Play 40+ formats videos, including MP4;
  • Play 10+ formats audios;
  • Support add subtitles in ass and srt;
  • Support HD 1080P, 4K videos;
  • Play 3D videos;
  • Easy playback control;

What Makes iFunia Media Player Better than Others?

  • Neat Interface

Comparing with other mac MP4 players, iFunia has a quite neat and user-friendly interface. In fact, we don’t need too many extended features for a video player, as long as it accommodates all necessary playing tools. iFunia is all what we need to play MP4 videos on mac, no icons or menus cluttered on the interface to confuse us, everything looks so intuitive to us, we can totally follow our instinct to operate.ifunia interface

  • Respond Fast

The main reason talking users to pick iFunia Media Player is its fast response to load, play and operate. Immediately after you import a MP4 video for playing, iFunia opens the file, no matter the MP4 video file is large or small in size. In addition, when you step forward or backward, iFunia will locate and play the part without lag, there won’t be any black screen or loading screen.

iFunia Free and Pro

iFunia Media Player offers 2 edition, free and Pro at $6.99, the free version is perfect for playing MP4 and other videos on mac, the Pro version allows users to convert MP4 and other videos to 8 popular formats, so you can play these videos on different mobile device.

ifunia free vs pro

Where to Free Download iFunia Media Player?

Official website address:

Mac Appstore:

How to Use the Best Free MP4 Player for Mac?

  1. Download and install iFunia Media Player to your mac;
    Free Download
  2. Drag and drop MP4 videos to the program;play mp4 ifunia 01
  3. Then play the video and control the playback for pleased watching;play mp4 ifunia 02

Other 5 Best Free MP4 Player for Mac

Of course, there are other options to play MP4 videos on mac. Here we compile a list of 5 best free MP4 player for mac, some of them may sound familiar to you, while some are just those you want to have a try.

#1 VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an open source to play various media files, even including DVD discs. Besides, it allows users to convert video and audio files. With its conversion feature, many users pick VLC media player as a good option to convert videos on mac.

vlc player


  • 100% free and clean to use;
  • Play 20+ videos, including MP4;
  • Play 20+ audios;
  • Play videos from DVD;
  • Convert/stream media files to 9 video output and 5 audio output;
  • Access to playlist;


  • The program is not under active update;
  • Buttons are too small;
  • Video lags when step forward or backward;
  • Media loading takes time, especially for large videos;
  • The conversion quality is not stable;

Where to Free Download?

The latest version is V3.0.8, you can download here:

#2 QuickTime

QuickTime is the video player coming with macOS, it is the most compatible player on macOS, also it offers a bunch of tools to work on the video or audio files.

quick time player


  • Pre-installed on macOS;
  • Play all macOS-friendly media files, including MP4;
  • Allow Airplay;
  • Record video, audio and screen;
  • Offer basic editing tools: trim, split, cut, copy, delete, flip, rotate;
  • Share files;


  • Take time to upload files, especially large files;
  • Video lag when step forward or backward;
  • Cannot directly open MP4 videos, need to run the program first, then drag and drop;
  • Program may crash for no reason;

#3 Elmedia

Elmedia can play all video and audio formats, also, it allows users to stream contents to Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA.

elmedia player mp4


  • Built-in playlist;
  • Allow adjusting the playback settings: speed, audio/subtitles delay;
  • Video tuner: adjust brightness, saturation, contract, hue, etc.;
  • Offer equalizer;
  • Stream to Chromecast, AirPlay and DLNA


  • Take time to upload files, especially large files;
  • Video lag when step forward or backward;
  • Design of playlist is not user-friendly;

Where to Free Download?

The latest version is V7.9.0, you can free download here:

#4 5K Player

5K Player is a modern and powerful video player to watch videos and manage playlist, it comes with 2 interface, also allows you to watch YouTube videos offline.

5k player


  • Play 4k/1080p/360 videos;
  • Play audios;
  • Play videos from DVDs;
  • Built in radio player;
  • Download videos from YouTube;
  • Stream on Airplay;


  • Relatively larger size of installer;
  • Take time to upload files, especially large files;
  • Video lag when step forward or backward;
  • Download failure repeats;

Where to Free Download?

The latest version is V6.1.0, you can download here:

#5 Divx Player

Divx Player has been in service for more than 20 years, it is a talented tool to play, convert, manage and burn videos. You can also cast videos to large screens. There are 2 version for this program, free and Pro.

divx player mp4


  • Play both video and audio, including MP4;
  • Advanced playback and audio features: quick navigate, multiple support;
  • Manage playlist;
  • Cast to big screens: Xbox, Playstation, Samsung, Chromecast;
  • Support 4k;
  • Convert videos;


  • Large installer size;
  • Extra 2 tools are bundled in the package: Preferences and Converter;
  • Take time to upload files, especially large files;
  • Video lag when step forward or backward;

Where to Free Download?

The latest version is V10.8.7, you can download here:


There are more options on the best free MP4 player for mac, but if you want to make the video playing simple and comfortable, try iFunia first, it just simplify everything on video playing.

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