Korean dramas have been popular for years, and 2019 is another lucky year for all K-drama fans since there are a lot of great Korean dramas for watching this year. Here in this post, we list 20 best Korean dramas for 2019, together with another list of upcoming 10 best Korean dramas. Besides, you can find out the best websites to watch Korean dramas with English subtitles online free.

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20 Best Korean Dramas 2019 So Far

#1 Abyss

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: Park Bo-young, Ahn Hyo-seop, Lee Sung-jae.

Episodes: 16

On-Air Time: May 6th ~Jun 25th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

Go Se-yeon and Cha Min are revived into different bodies by the supernatural “Abyss” after their death. To dig out secrets behind their revival and the reason of Go Se-yeon’ death, they work together and a series of stories unfold.


#2 Romance is a Bonus Book

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: Lee Na-young, Lee Jong-suk

Episodes: 16

On-Air Time: Jan 26th ~Mar 17th , 2019

Brief Introduction:

Cha Eun Ho is a successful editor, while Kang Dan-i , the single mother of a child, once saved Cha Eun in his childhood. When Dan-i goes back to the workplace, the 2 reconnect and become closer and closer.


#3 Touch Your Heart

Genre: Romance

Starring: Yoo In-na, Lee Dong-wook

Episodes: 16

On-Air Time: Feb 6th ~Mar 28th , 2019

Brief Introduction:

The outdated actress Oh Jin-shim starts to work at a law firm as the secretary of Kwon Jung-rok, trying to get a role in a TV series centered on lawyers.

touch your heart

#4 Search: WWW

Genre: Melodrama

Starring: Im Soo-jung, Lee Da-hee, Jeon Hye-jin

Episodes: 16

On-Air Time: Jun 5th~July 25th , 2019

Brief Introduction:

About 3 Women who are all in their late thirties continue their success in career.

search www

#5 The Crowned Clown

Genre: Historical

Starring: Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Sang-kyung, Lee Se-young

Episodes: 16

On-Air Time: Jan 7th~Mar 4th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

In mid-Joseon period, the King found a clown who looks exactly the same as himself to be on the throne, trying to escape from continuous assassination from others.

crowned clown

#6 The Light in Your Eyes

Genre: Fantasy

Starring: Han Ji-min, Kim Hye-ja

Episodes: 12

On-Air Time: Feb 11th~Mar 19th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

The story between a woman who lost all her time to save her father’s life and a man who grew up in a misery family and gave up his time to live energetically.

the light in your eyes

#7 Her Private Life

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: Park Min-young, Kim Jae-wook

Episodes: 16

On-Air Time: Apr 10th~May 30th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

Sung Deok-mi is the curator of Cheum Museum of Art but also the fansite manager of Shi-an is My Life since she is a crazy fan of Cha Shi-an. To escape from the threats of Shi-an’s fans due to the rumors of dating with him, Sung Deok-mi and Ryan Gold (who is the Art Director of Cheum Museum of Art”” pretend to be a couple.

her private life

#8 One Spring Night

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: Han Ji-min, Jung Hae-in

Episodes: 32

On-Air Time: May 22th~Jul 11th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

Lee Jung-In is a librarian and in a long-term relationship with Kwon Gi-Seok. To remedy her hangover one day, she bought medicine at Yoo Ji-Ho’s pharmacy, while Ji-Ho is a single dad. They start to meet, know and have special feelings to each other.

one spring night

#9 The Wind Blows

Genre: Melodrama

Starring: Kam Woo-sung, Kim Ha-neul

Episodes: 16

On-Air Time: May 27th~Jul 16th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

Five year later after Do-hoon and Soo-jin get divorced, they met again. And Siib-jin finaly comes to know the reason why Do-hoon divorced her.

the wind blows

#10 The Secret Life of My Secretary

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Starring: Kim Young-kwang, Jin Ki-joo, Kim Jae-kyung

Episodes: 32

On-Air Time: May 6th~Jun 25th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

The love story between a boss of mobile media company who is unable to recognize faces and his secretary.

secret life

#11 Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Starring: Shin Hye-sun, Kim Myung-soo

Episodes: 32

On-Air Time: May 22nd~Jul 11th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

To return to heaven, the angel Dan is given a task to find the true love for the ballerina Lee Yeon-seo.

angel last mission

#12 My Absolute Boyfriend

Genre: Romance, Science finction

Starring: Yeo Jin-goo, Bang Min-ah

Episodes: 40

On-Air Time: May 15th~Jul 11th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

As Um Da-da and Ma Wang-joon end their relationship, a humanoid robot programed to fall in love with a girl only once appears in Da-da’s life.

my absolute boyfriend

#13 Doctor Prisoner

Genre: Medical

Starring: Namkoong Min, Kwon Nara, Kim Byung-chul

Episodes: 32

On-Air Time: Mar 20th~May 15th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

Being accused of medical malpractice, Na Y-je is forced to work in a prison and tries to seek ways for revenge.

doctor prisoner

#14 The Fiery Priest

Genre: Crime

Starring: Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-kyun, Lee Hanee

Episodes: 40

On-Air Time: Feb 15th~Apr 20th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

To find out the reason about an elderly priest’s death, Kim Nam-gil (priest), Kim Sung-kyun (detective) and Lee Hanee (prosecutor) meet and work together.

fiery priest

#15 Confession

Genre: Legal

Starring: Lee Jun-ho, Shin Hyun-bin

Episodes: 16

On-Air Time: Mar 23rd~May 12th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

After a successful heart transplant surgery, Choi o-Do-Hyun was informed that his father was accused of murder and sentenced to death. To find out the reason behind his father’s case, he started to work as a lawyer.


#16 Live or Die

Genre: Family

Starring: Yoo Jun-sang, Oh Ji-ho, Jeon Hye-bin

Episodes: 40

On-Air Time: Jan 9th~Mar 14th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

The story of Lee Poong-sang, a man in his middle age and live a lonely life.

live or die

#17 Kingdom

Genre: Horror, Zombie

Starring: Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong

Episodes: 6

On-Air Time: Jan 25th~May 30th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

Being stopped from seeing his father-a king of the medieval Joseon period, the crown prince Yi-Chang went to visit his father’s doctor and encountered a mysterious undead plague.


#18 Haechi

Genre: Historical

Starring: Jung Il-woo, Go Ara, Kwon Yul

Episodes: 24

On-Air Time: Feb 11th~Apr 30th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

4 people work together to help the Prince Yeoning in Joseon period to get this throne.


#19 My Fellow Citizens

Genre: Crime

Starring: Choi Si-won, Lee Yoo-young

Episodes: 36

On-Air Time: Apr 1st ~May 28th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

The conman Yang Jung-Kook met the detective Kim Mi-Young, they fell in love each other soon. On the wedding day, Kim Mi-Young told Jun-kook the truth about her identity.

my fellow citizens

#20 He is Psychometric

Genre: Fantasy

Starring: Park Jin-young, Shin Ye-eun

Episodes: 16

On-Air Time: Mar 11th ~Apr 30th, 2019

Brief Introduction:

After a fire accident, Lee Ahn got the power to read a person’s past. And he decided to use this power to fight with bad people.

he is psychometric

On Air or Upcoming Best Korean Drama 2019

  • Hotel Del Luna (Premiere on Jul 13th)
  • Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (Premiere on Jul 17th)
  • The Golden Garden (Premiere on Jul 20th)
  • Love Affairs in the afternoon (Premiere on Jul 5th
  • Level Up (Premiere on Jul 10th)
  • Love Alarm (Premiere on Aug 22nd)
  • When Camellia Blooms (Premiere on Sep 18th)
  • Vagabond (Premiere in Sep)
  • Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (Premiere in Sep)
  • Chocolate (Premiere in Dec)

Best Websites to Watch Korean Drama 2019 with English Subtitles Online

To enjoy K-drama without limit, here we recommend 6 best websites to watch Korean drama 2019 online with English subtitles.

#1 Netflix

Netflix is one of the greatest video streaming platforms for its subscribers to watch movies, TV plays and others at anytime anywhere. As the Asian music and drama grow more and more popular, Netflix also expands its services into more Asian countries. Beginning from Jul 2019, Netflix even officially supports more Asian languages for its user interface, including Korean. In addition, Netflix offers users high quality video streaming services and users can watch the most updated K-drama series or episodes without waiting too long.


#2 YouTube

YouTube is absolutely the most popular online platform to watch and share videos worldwide, if you want to watch Korean dramas with English subtitles online, YouTube is 100% a good choice.

You can subscribe the channel that aired the Korean dramas, and then find the original videos, or you can directly search in YouTube. There is extra fun to watch Kdrama on YouTube, some YouTube uploaders will share some funny, creative and original clips to help users to understand and exchange ideas on a specific K-drama.


#3 Viki

Whenever I want to watch Chinese or Korean Dramas, even Japanese anime, Viki is always my first choice to watch online. It allows users to watch Korean dramas 2019 online free and with high video quality. But if you want to watch without ads or require higher definition videos, you need to get get a Viki Pass Standard.

Viki well categorizes all the shows, movies and TV series for users to find the video pages fast and easily. You just need to choose “Korean”, all the dramas with a rating will be listed for your online watching.


#4 Hulu

Another popular video streaming platform to watch movies and TV series online. Though the quantity of Korean dramas for 2019 is that large as other websites, it offers high quality videos and satisfactory watching experience


#5 ViewAsian

By choosing the Korean category, you can find all the Korean dramas and reality shows listed on the webpage with the information of release time and total episodes. You may redirect to some affiliated product pages, just ignore by closing the ad page, then click on the play button to watch for free. Also, the video quality won’t let you down.


#6 AsianFans

Though the website seems to be cluttered with all kinds of recommended list, you can find virtually all latest Korean dramas 2019 on this website. And you are not recommended to download Korean dramas on this website by following its guide, since I failed and I was just redirected to suspicious websites one after another.

asian fans

How to Free Download Best Korean Drama 2019?

Instead of watching Korean Dramas online, you may prefer to watch offline by downloading all the episodes. Is there any free ways to download those best Korean drama for offline watching? The answer is Yes.

In fact, you can use online downloaders to get the Korean drama episodes, but if you want to make the downloading simple yet successful, even with high quality, you’d better find a dedicated desktop video downloader. Here for Mac and Windows users, we pick the best tools for you.

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Steps to Download Korean Drama 2019 on Mac

  1. Download and install iFunia YouTube Downloader on your Mac.
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  2. Go to the websites where you can watch Korean drama online, copy the URL;
  3. Then paste the URL to iFunia;ifunia youtube downloader01
  4. Choose the output;ifunia youtube downloader 02
  5. Click the download button to get the Korean dramas.

Free Download Best Korean Drama 2019 on Windows PC

The Tool Needed: Winx YouTube Downloader

How the Tool Help:

  • Download online videos from YouTube and other 1000+ websites;
  • Export videos as FLV, Webm, MP4;
  • Choose different video resolution;
  • Capture picture from the video;
  • Record live videos;

Steps to Download Korean Drama 2019 on Windows PC

  1. Download and install Winx YouTube Downloader
  2. Go to the websites where you can watch Korean dramas, copy the drama video URL;
  3. Click the URL button and paste the URL into Winx;
  4. Choose output and video resolution;winx youtube downloader
  5. Click “Download” to get the Korean drama episodes.

Final Words

Get ready to watch a new Korean drama that is popular in 2019? Check our list for best Korean drama 2019 so far and go to the recommended website to watch online free. Or, you can free download all the aired episodes to watch offline the whole day.