There are so many HD camcorders to shoot a movies. But of course they all save HD video in their own format, which can cause problems down the road - for example if you find that YouTube™ doesn't support the file format of the AVCHD video you want to upload.

iFunia AVCHD Converter for Mac can convert your AVCHD video into YouTube-compatible formats in no time. It even includes special presets to adjust your movie for sharing on YouTube™. It couldn't be easier!

As we know, YouTube accepts a wide range of video file formats. The video files below are all accepted by YouTube. Some video formats work best and are most compatible with certain computers, software or devices.

  • Windows Media Video (.WMV)
  • 3GP (cell phones)
  • AVI (windows)
  • MOV (mac)
  • MP4 (ipod/psp)
  • MPEG
  • FLV (adobe flash)
  • SWF (shockwave flash)
  • MKV (h.264)

But you may get the best uploading results from converting your AVCHD video to MPEG4 video. To prepare and upload your AVCHD video clips to YouTube™, simply load your video onto your computer and follow 4 simple steps.

Download iFunia Free Video Converter for Mac Now

Free Download iFunia AVCHD Converter for Mac Now

Step 1. Source Setup

Download and run iFunia AVCHD Converter for Mac, and click Media Browser icon at the upper right corner to add AVCHD M2TS video files.

convert video and audio using ifunia video converter for mac

Tip: You can add your AVCHD M2TS video by drag-n-drop. And the software has a feature of previewing and playing your AVCHD video files. Simply select a file which you want to preview in the Source File area and click Play button, you can also take snapshot at will to store the image you like.

Step 2. Choose a YouTube-compatible format

After you finish video source setup, you can select your preferred video format from the "Output Format" drop-down menu. Here we choose MP4-MPEG4 Video File (*.mp4) as the output format.

output formats of ifunia video converter for mac

There are various format/bit rate/screen resolution options in the Setting window. Different file formats result in different video compression rates. Bit rate refers to the number of bits processed per unit of time, the larger the number, the more bits processed and the better the quality. Resolution refers to the number of pixels handled by the device display.

Step 3. Start Conversion

To start converting, click the conversion button. The Progress bar shows the status of the converting task. iFunia HD Video Converter prompts you when the converting task is completed. Congratulations! You have converted an AVCHD M2TS to MP4 video on Mac.

Step 4. Upload to YouTube™

To upload your video to YouTube™, follow the instructions on the YouTube™ site. iFunia HD Video Converter for Mac guarantees that your video is now in a compatible format for uploading and sharing on YouTube™.