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Frequently Asked Questions

  Technical FAQs:          Common questions about technical problems and product usage

How do I improve the quality of the videos converted?

What do I do to speed the conversion process up?

Why does the movie become numerous little files?

Why the Video Converter Pro keeps crashing when I was trying to rip DVDs?

Why trial version of Video Converter Pro only converts the first 5 minutes of a movie?

YouTube Converter suggesting the URLs of some videos on YouTube are illegal?

How come I did not find those log files in the folder where you said they would be?

What am I supposed to do to get the videos 5.1 channels?

Will the program leak confidential stuff when I have them shared online?

Can I use the program on iPad or iPhone?

Which output option is my best shot?

Why there are black bars on the video generated?

Discrepancies between loading DVD folders and loading IFO files

What should I do if the program(s) that I bought did not work properly?

Registration FAQs
Questions about activation and registration.
Ordering FAQs
Questions about ordering and refund policy.

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