One of the key capabilities of the recently announced Apple iPad 2 is gaming. While the iPad can be used for what a MacBook (browsing web, email, reading ebooks) and iPhone (listening to music, watching videos or TV) can do - it is the games that rule. All those iPhone and iPod Touch games on a big screen! The iPad 2 runs on a speedy A5 Processor, Thin Body, and Its large touchscreen is simply crying out to be used as a gaming platform.

So you have been browsing through the App Store on your iPad 2 - and all you are seeing is games that aren’t free. Here we've spreaded our search out into the tubes of the internet and collected some featured and best free iPad/iPad 2 games below, you might already have know some of them, but probably not all. Full list after jump!

Best Free iPad/iPad 2 Games - Cube

Cube is a singleplayer and multiplayer first person shooter that provides satisfying and fast old school gameplay. It is a landscape-style engine that pretends to be an indoor FPS engine, which combines very high precision dynamic occlusion culling with a form of geometric mipmapping on the whole world.

Best Free iPad/iPad 2 Games - Armado Lite

Guide Armado as he rolls, jumps and crashes his way through this action packed journey.

Best Free iPad/iPad 2 Games - Godfinger

This is one of those games that just hits the mark of what the iPad 2 was designed for. The graphics are beautiful, and all other aspects of the game meld together perfectly.

Your job is to run your own, customizable planet in which you need to make sure your "followers" are rested, and busy doing work, like farming and worshiping your greatness. This is perfect for Farmville'rs and casual gamers alike.

Best Free iPad/iPad 2 Games - We Rule

This is basically Farmville for the iPad 2, but We Rule is a much more robust experience.

Rule your own kingdom and compete with your friends to see who is the greatest kingdom tycoon of them all!

It features over 20 varieties of crops, more than 50 unique structures, dozens of professions and clean integration with the Plus+ social network. Your gonna love this!

Best Free iPad/iPad 2 Games - iBall3D

iBall3D is a remake of the classic Labyrinth game but in 3D. You will have to guide a ball from a location to another, by orienting your iPhone to avoid the holes.

Best Free iPad/iPad 2 Games - Implode Nature!

Something else that the iPad 2 is made for is physics based games, and Implode Nature is one of those games that will tickle that itch.

Its basically a bit taste of IUGO's full Implode game, but besides that fact, it gives you 10 buildings to blow up, which is a plus. 

The chalk themed graphics are really neat, and it looks really great on the iPad. You can also get the full game.


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