The Apple iPad has been touted as a potential savior for the ailing newspaper industry, a moneymaker for a listless Hulu, and a windfall for book publishers the world over. A new report suggests that a lot of developers think the iPad could be a pretty good gaming device and an awesome gaming experience, too – a higher-power, bigger-screen version of the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone.

Games make up 44% of iPad apps

According to Flurry, a firm that monitors the mobile market, a whopping 44 percent of the apps currently being tested on the Apple iPad are video games. Compare that to the 14 percent share for iPad "entertainment" apps – a relatively nebulous name for a category – seven percent for "finance," six percent for "sports" apps, and five percent for "news." The Flurry report indicates that Apple could be seeking to market the iPad in part as a top-notch gaming device.

Why iPad gaming matters

One thing is for sure. Sony and Nintendo were both a little too quick to dismiss the iPad as "a bigger iPod touch" that offered "no surprises" and in an incredible display of disingenuity from PlayStation marketing platform.

The App Store ecosystem and in particular the existing billing relationship with customers is a massive advantage for iPad. Buying any content from iTunes is an incredibly smooth discovery and purchasing process. Apple tightly controls both the software and hardware experience to the extent where you don't think about them as separate aspects of the one device, and that will be very difficult to rival in a device where the hardware and software have been developed separately. Manufacturers are still playing catch-up with the iPhone, and it seems likely that the same thing will happen with iPad.

Also, Apple's intense secrecy over the upcoming device. Apple has handed out very few iPads for testing. And while a financial company lucky enough to score a sneak peek at the tablet would likely only develop one app, a big game company might dabble in many. EA, for example, could be working on several titles from any number of genres.

Top gaming features of iPad

  • Larger screen size and screen control opens up a whole new range of game design possibilities.
  • Play game with rotating the iPad, this is possible due to its accelerometer.
  • Capacity to produce far better results when it comes to graphics.
  • Its battery will last longer,so you can stay up late at night, jamming away at the latest strategy game.
  • Better processor means more better developing possibilities for game developers.
  • Higher storage capacity, 32 GB to 64 GB.
  • Its A4 chip is an additional feature.

iPhone games on iPad

This is where Apple has a big advantage because it can provide a guaranteed market and a wide user-base for developers making games and applications for the iPad and its other devices. Free and paid applications for the iPhone - more than 150,000 to date - helped make the smartphone a smash hit and I think you will see a big rush of developers taking the new opportunities they now have with the larger screen size and the new types of touch capabilities to make similar success with the iPad, which goes on sale in the United States almost a month early on April 3.



For gaming, the iPad's going to be kind of in a bit of a world of its own. If you look at Sony's PSP and all the other portable gaming devices they may be a little bit bigger than the iPod Touch or the iPhone but they're all in that same size area. Now you have this device that's also going to be able to connect to (the internet), that in itself is a big playing field for everybody in the gaming world - a family device, a shared device. Well, how about you? PSP and Nintendo DS owners, would you consider adding the Apple iPad to your portable-gaming quiver?