We all know how the jailbroken community has changed the way we use our iPhone’s today. Apps like ProSwitcher, Backgrounder, qTweeter, YourTube, Google Voice, BTStack and so on have enabled iPhone and iPod touch users to do amazing things which otherwise would have never been possible. Now with the release of the new Apple iPad, will the device be the prime target of jailbreaking hacks?

Why People Jailbreak/Hack?

Jailbreaking and hacking is always rampant in tech devices as it can give the user more freedom and overcome the restrictions set by the manufacture (customization). It has become well known over the years as a method which provides access to pirated iPhone applications - versions of paid applications available for free download from special programs that can be installed on a jailbroken device. However, that's not the only reason that people jailbreak their iPhones and iPod Touches.

The main reason, many would argue, is not for free apps but for more apps - the kinds Apple doesn't approve of. Thanks to a highly-regulated iTunes App Store and the restrictions it imposes on developers, some of the best applications are available outside Apple's domain.And yet, while these hacks have great appeal to users of the small mobile devices, some of them will no longer be necessary on the iPad, Apple's upcoming slate computer whose launch is days away.

Why Jailbreak the iPad?

The ability to tether your iPhone to your laptop is one of the most popular reasons why people jailbreak. However, on the iPad, you either have Wi-Fi only or you have 3G built in. Would you really need to tether your iPad to your notebook computer? Probably not. If you're carrying the iPad around, you probably left the notebook at home.

Many of the jailbreaking apps that let you perform or tweak phone-related functions will no longer be necessary since the iPad is not a phone. Same goes for the camera apps - the iPad doesn't have one of those either. And Flash? Well, more and more sites are adopting HTML5 technology and with this, videos can be rendered plug-in free, just in time for iPad web surfers to enjoy.

Also, many people need to jailbreak iPad because that:

  • First, Download more applications to your iPad. As you know, there are lots of exceptional iPad Apps that are not available through iTunes App Store. By jailbreaking iPad file system, both of which are accessible. What's more, a jailbroken iPad is still able to use and upgrade applications downloaded and purchased from Apple's official App Store.
  • Customize graphics, sounds and more.
  • Bypass any activation requirements. Use any carrier you like in any country by unlocking if the iPad is sold locked to specific carriers with a mobile data plan. Certainly, Apple is selling the iPad 3G carrier-unlocked (unlike the iPhone), so there'll be no need for redsn0w or blacksn0w, just insert a Micro-SIM from the network of your choice!
  • Much more. Multitask, using Magic mouse with iPad, updating twitter without having to launch an app like qTweeter. And also bring phone calling / SMS capabilities over-the-air to iPad 3G, etc.

So although there may end up being plenty of reasons to jailbreak the iPad, there will be - at least at launch time - far fewer reasons than on the iPad's sister devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch. But we wouldn't be surprised to see an ecosystem of rejected but still incredible and useful apps spring up over time. If there's ever an unfilled niche the iPad doesn't address, there will almost certainly be "an app for that." You just might not be able to get it at the iTunes Store.

New iPhone Jailbreak Hack May Also Work on iPad

Famed iPhone hacker George Hotz has updated his blog with a short notice that he's created an untethered jailbreak hack for iPhones and iPod Touches. Such a jailbreaking package means that a piece of software, once loaded onto the Apple device, can open the door to running non-Apple approved software without being connected to a computer to complete the hack. Perhaps even more exciting for those who wish to run their iDevices outside of Apple's garden is that Hotz believes that the hack will work on the iPad as well. There are also some other unlock and jailbreak solutions for the iPad. The Spirit jailbreak for iPad is released recently, you can now check out our complete jailbreaking guides for iPad firmware using Spirit on Mac.


Now we can definitely say the iPad device will be the prime target of jailbreaking hacks. But the problem is that Apple has been changing their hardware and software and trying hard to patch software exploits that are used in jailbreaks. We will keep you updated with something news on iPad jailbreak.