iFunia Studio was founded by and for people who are passionate about Apple. We are dedicated in creating affordable and easy multimedia software to simplify your Mac life. We believe many Apple fans are delighted to share their favorite video/photo entertainment on iPhone, iPod, HDTV and more. There are too many expensive software packages that do a lot more than you need, for most of the simple things that you want to do. That's where we come in, offering easy and practical tools to make your Mac life more fun, hence our name - iFunia.

It is our mission to give you what you want, while using fewer resources and sustaining high-quality, iFunia software that do not charge you for features you don't need. Having fun while creating the tools you need is key to carrying out our vision and commitment to you.

Have fun with iFunia Studio!

Technical Support
If you're experiencing any problems or difficulties using iFunia products, please contact us at support@ifunia.com
Any question about sales, order, Multi-user license, Business license, etc., please email to sales@ifunia.com