With 520 million views since its July 15 release, “Gangnam Style” has catapulted well into YouTube’s list of most watched video and most watched K-pop video. Psy’s eccentric song-and-dance sensation has inspired a herd of YouTube knockoffs, starring Navy midshipmen, cartoon ponies, and Gandalf,etc.

Every time we stumble on a new “Gangnam Style” cover on YouTube, we swear it will be the last time we share. But the gems just keep flowing out of the web tubes. If you are like us and secretly love “Gangnam Style,” you must have tried many times to download Gangnam style video or get the music off the YouTube videos and imitate Psy’s quirky dance moves.

We know you have, and in this article, I’ll show you how to free download Gangnam Style music video from YouTube without spend a penny.

Step-by-step Guide of Free Download Gangnam Style Music Video with Free YouTube Downloader for Mac

Step 1. Download & Run iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac

If you want to download Gangnam Style Song Video from YouTube, iFunia Free YouTube Downloader is the all in one YouTube downloader for you to download YouTube videos directly to your Mac drive. If you are using Windows, please go to iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Windows. Using it, you will be able to download Gangnam style video with no efforts at all.

Download iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac and install it to your Mac. When the installation is completed, run it.



Step 2. Add Gangnam Style YouTube Music Video URLs

The first step to download Gangnam style video is to go to YouTube and find the Gangnam Style Music Videos  that you want to download. Just Drag and drop the video urls to add it to the download queue, and then switch to next YouTube video to download again. You could add up to 20 YouTube videos at the same time. The YouTube videos will start downloading automatically after you add the video URLs.

Step 3. Get the Music off Gangnam Style YouTube Video/Play Gangnam Style YouTube Videos on Portables.

If you only need to get the music from the Gangnam Style YouTube video or want to play it on the go with portables like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle Fire, Mobile Phones, etc. you may need to upgrade iFunia Free YouTube Downloader for Mac to iFunia YouTube Converter for Mac.

With iFunia YouTube Converter for Mac, you are able to download Gangnam style video and convert it to other popular video and audio formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3 etc., enables you to enjoy Gangnam Style music videos offline with many latest portable devices like iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, PSP, Kindle Fire, NOOK Tablet and the latest Smart Phones.


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3 Responses to How to Free Download Gangnam Style Video from YouTube

  1. blackopsjdko says:

    hell yeah just what i need for youtube

  2. Eric Z says:

    I have personally done this for my S3.

  3. jodie says:

    i got to download millions of songs to my blog lol

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